I have opinions about lululemon. Who doesn’t?




Waylon Lewis over at Elephant Journal posted this little write up about the much circulated lululemon spoof. The picture above is the spoof itself and you can visit the website to read more about each claim (click above to go to Elephant Journal and follow the link.)

It seems that everyone who has ever heard about lululemon has opinions, passionate opinions at that, about the yoga clothing / retail store and their products.  I am no different.  I will come right out and say that I do not own any lulu stuff.  Not a single piece.  I’ve heard that they are incredible, made from great fabrics and quite comfortable and I have seen more than enough people wearing it to class to convince me that they probably are.  I wouldn’t know, I will never know, because I refuse to buy yoga pants for $98+.

That’s a large part of my problem with lulu.  I find it incredibly interesting that this practice of yoga started out with folks who had nearly nothing because it needed nearly nothing!  You don’t have to buy expensive equipment (mats are optional and there is even a movement running right now that says mats are a hinderance,) you don’t need special shoes, you can do it anywhere, wearing anything (or nothing,) you can do it for an hour or a day or a minute.  It’s a practice of nothingness and muchness.  What it is not, however, is something only for the elite.  There is no reason on earth or any other planet that you need to spend an electric bill on freaking pants.

Also, what exactly is up with the butt thing?  Don’t get me wrong, we all like to have great asses.  Don’t lie, you know you do.  Guess where you can get one?  FROM DOING YOGA, even if you’re wearing $10 sweatpants or, better yet, your pajamas!  It will look awesome in any pair of pants – for free!  And really, if you’re walking into a yoga class and you’re worried about how your ass looks in the pants you’re wearing to “focus inwardly,” I think you might have gotten lost along the way – the singles club is around the corner.  If you want to wear pants out and about that make your butt look amazing (and I admit that I often do want to do that,) wear pants for that, but don’t call them yoga pants.  They aren’t yoga pants.  They are ass pants.

And one more thing: while I am not  prohibited from wearing any particular brand of pants I choose, there are many, many amazing yogis and yoginis who are because even the largest of lulu’s sizes don’t even come close to fitting.  If I would buy lulu, I would have to be in the largest size.  I am nowhere close to being the largest yogini out there.  That just isn’t right.  Why exclude? Why limit?  If we are all one, let us dress one, eh?

I may be given a pair of  lulu pants some day.  I might fall helplessly in love with them.  I might wear them every single day, but I won’t buy them.  Nope, I won’t, because it’s against my own manifesto which, in case you were wondering, doesn’t care  in the least how great your butt looks or how much it cost to make it look that way.


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  1. I totally agree with you. I have a mat bag from there that is it. It was a Christmas present from my mom too. I went into a store for the first time in Asheville. I couldn’t wear the bottoms or the tops. Im not the largest yogini on the planet but Im not skinny by any means either.

    They do hem your pants for free though.. lol

  2. a- to the fricking-men! yoga is not about the money you spend to get on the mat, it’s about the self you find when you are living in the moment, in the breath, and that is yoga! a- to the fricking-men!

  3. I find their clothing lasts almost forever and it absorbs sweats like nothing else I’ve found. They get an A from me on my value-for-money scale. And yes, female butts look very good with the Omega logo…

  4. lululemon drives me crazy for a number of reasons- yes, i wish their stuff was more affordable- yes, i wish they were more inclusive.
    with that said-

    i love lululemon pants and all their stuff. it’s all i wear. it DOES last forever and makes my practice comfortable.

    i wish it was about my ass- cause in these pants- it looks great. 😉

  5. Congratulations for finding the truth!!

    I worked for Lululemon an dlasted maybe a month. This is one of the WORST companies I have ever worked for! They don’t want the consumer to know that they have grown too large and now produce their clothing in 3rd world countries. (Hence the lead in the bags…). The prices used to be outrageous because everything was made in Vancouver not so anymore. Just to keep marketing that they are local they make the headbands in Vancouver that is it.
    The company does not make sizes larger because and I quote straight from Lululemon themselves “We make products for people with healthy lifestyles and if you don’t fit our clothes your not healthy…so we don’t wan tyou wearing them”.
    I am HEALTHY and I would be a 12+ in their clothes in REGULAR yoga clothes from cheaper places I am a small or medium.

    I will NEVER support Lululemon – the owner also makes staff listen to weird inspirational cd’s from himself or Tony Robbins etc. Very very weird.

  6. Upon further research, there seem to be some styles that would fit in the large, but most would need to be xl.

    I appreciate all of your comments! For those of you who swear by lulu, have you ever found a comparable brand?

  7. I am really torn on this one. I do think the prices are high but I also have a few Lulu itmes I got at our yoga studio’s second hand shop and they’re great.

    The difference between a brand like Lululemon and the Old Navy pants is that Lulu designs like it’s athletic wear. With moisture wicking-fabric and seams sewn to last. Because I review outdoor and yoga gear on my blog I have really come to see clothing ofr activity as an investment.

    While $98 for pants is too high for me, I would hop on them second hand.

  8. To answer you about comparable brands, try LOLE and Atheleta. Perhaps not much less expensive but may not leave the bitter taste in one’s mouth that Lulu can.

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