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Wahooooooo! 1st FHYTIMES post is live!


It’s up, Y’all! Check it out! Rebirth My first post on Free Hug Yoga Times!


Sarahsana Goes International!


Have you heard the news?  Have you heard the news?  Have you?  Nope.  You haven’t, because I haven’t said anything yet – until now.

I am excited to announce that I am a new writer over at Free Hug Yoga Times!  What is Free Hug Yoga Times, you ask?  Well, click that link and find out?  Too lazy?  SLACKERS!  Okay Okay, I’ll tell you. Well, more to the point, I’ll cut and paste because, hey, I can be lazy, too!

Image courtesy of Free Hug Yoga Times Facebook Page – scroll down for the link

FHY Times

is the platform for all skilled people, without any discrimination of religion, race, age, gender, language or yoga practice. Here, we express and share freely with others our experiences, skills, learnings, ideas, where we are free to be who we are, where we can dare to share our creative side. Or just spend some nice time together!

Our articles are often oriented towards yoga practice, but what really is yoga?

Yoga is Union. Yoga is Balance. Yoga is Freedom.
Yoga is science of self-evolution.

And this is what FHYTimes is all about. We work and share together, in Union, which provides better Balance in our life. The more balanced we feel, The more open we are  and the process of liberation start. Our self-transformation leads to Freedom!

We used to publish our e-zine in English. However we have friends and yogis who are talented, amazing beings, but English was the obstacle in the way to express themselves. We decided to open the web to any language, finding its own audience as we believe that the skills, creativity and love are a universal language and they will always find their readers.

There is also writers not using English as their  mother tongues. For few of you it can be shocking, and we also love to read beautifully flowing English, but as the teacher of my son said once: “I don’ t want to miss some great idea only because of the grammar. “


How badass is that?

Anyway, I have a profile being set up and should start posting fairly soon, but the web dude is Czechoslovakian.  I only speak English, smartass, sarcasm, and bullshit, so I’m sort of at his mercy.  That’s cool.  I can dig it.

Most of the writers and readers over at FHYT are European and Asian.  Very little comes from the good ol’ USA, so I’ll kind of be representing.  How scary is that?!?  I promise I will do my very best to equally and adequately represent this entire country – as long as the entire country is exactly like me.  😉  All I mean is that I was asked to be myself and only myself.  That I can do!

I’ll update when my first post is live.  It’s a great opportunity because not only can I post and share new things, but I’m also allowed to post my Greatest Hits from this blog and the one I wrote for years prior to Sarahsana.  This is excellent news for me because, as odd as it is, I’m the kind of person who writes stuff (here and in my own personal journal) and very rarely goes back to look at it ever again.  Now we all get to have flashbacks.  HOORAY!

Until I’m up and running, PLEASE go give Free Hug Yoga Times some love and attention.  There is some incredible writing and brilliant ideas over there.  And, of course, they have a Facebook page, too, so go make friends, okay?

Off to go buy a sari, make fish & chips, touch the Blarney Stone, visit Mysore, and all kinds of other stuff…