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National Yoga Day


It’s National Yoga Day, or actually, Yoga Day USA! All over the country, there are free yoga workshops and classes today to spread the word, joy, love of yoga.  Wanted to try yoga but were too nervous, scared, embarrassed, broke, unsure, lost, confused, hungover?  (Okay, just kidding about that last one….maybe)  NOW IS YOUR DAY!  TODAY, it’s likely you can take a class for free OR the money that you spend on a class might very well be donated to a good cause.  Karma Yoga, baby.

If you don’t want to go to a studio, however, there are still things you can do to celebrate Yoga Day USA!  To be honest, for me, EVERYDAY is yoga day.  I practice my yoga on and off the mat. I live my yoga – or at least I try to – to the best of my ability.  This means practicing the Yamas and Niyamas as well as the other limbs of Yoga to the best of my ability. I’m human. I make a LOT of mistakes.  I’m learning every day.  I like to remind myself that there are NO wrong steps on a yogic journey – the missteps ARE the journey.  We learn from our mistakes – that’s the whole point.  I try very hard to be gentle with myself and reminds myself that I am a part of a greater whole. I am a manifestation of The Divine Light, as are you.  So, part of my Every Day is Yoga Day philosophy is to accept where I am as it relates to where I am going.  I give myself a break.  I love myself.  I honor myself.  And by doing so, I honor the Light that lives inside all of us.

I also remind myself that I am a student and that my “teacher” is in everyone and in everything.  For example, today my 9 year old son taught me a new sequence that he did in his yoga class today.  I loved it so much that I’ll be teaching it Monday.  Each one teach one, pass it on.

As far as physically celebrating Yoga Day, I will be doing 108 Sun Salutations throughout the day.  Everyone is welcome to  lay down your mat wherever you are and join me.  Our united energy will make a difference in our lives and, collectively, the world.