Renewal of Vows


I, Sarah, take you, Brian, to be my soulmate and spirit partner until the end of time and beyond.  I promise to always remember and feel the endless depth of the love you showed me in our time together here.  I promise to be open to you always and to accept and cherish each way you are able to show me that love now.  I promise to walk side by side with you, always reaching through my world to find you in yours.  I promise to see you in ripples in still water, in the trees, in the rivers, the woods, and the rising moon.  I promise to raise our children to be as strong, tender, loving, honest, and generous as their father.  I promise to remember to laugh and be happy when I can.  I promise to love you, to honor you, to cherish you, to remember you, to make sure others remember you, and most importantly, to remember us.  I promise to be your hands and your feet and your eyes in my world while you do the same for me in yours. I promise to always be here for you and to remember that you are always here for me.  I promise to let our love shine and shine and shine forever.

I love you, Brian.  Happy 12th anniversary.





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  1. Dear Sarah – this brought up some long smothered emotions for me. You have an amazing spirit and Brian obviously has one equally as strong.

  2. Beautiful, Sarah. I am so inspired that you can continue to spread so much love and light even thru the darkest hours……true love

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