I Found Someone


Okay, I couldn’t help myself with that video.  I mean the hair alone is worth showing.  Seriously.  THE HAIR.  Can you imagine their shower drains?  < shudder >


This post might be shocking to you.  I know it’s shocking to me.  I’ve been debating writing it for a couple of days, but think that I should put it out there as I have been honest about everything else that has happened since Brian died 2 months ago.  I’m not quite sure how to go about saying it, but here it goes.

I found someone.   Yep, I found someone.

This is someone I have known for quite some time, but not always very well.

This someone likes to laugh and is funny.

This someone is kind and compassionate and helpful and supportive.

This someone is a wonderful friend.

This someone likes being silly, but can handle hard truths, too.

This someone likes music and movies and has been known to spend some time bending elbows at the corner of the bar.

This someone tells me I’m going to make it.

This someone tells me I am going to thrive.

This someone tells me that I am worthy.

This someone allows me to feel all that I am feeling, no matter how good or how bad.

This someone loved Brian very much.

This someone still does.

This someone is capable and strong and resourceful and creative.

This someone makes me feel very special.

This someone sees a future for me.

This someone sees me as a woman, not just a widow.

This someone knows how to make me feel good.



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