Santa’s Letter


My children are 10 and 12 years old.  They still believe in Santa.  The believe in Santa the way that I still believe in Santa.  Brian and I raised the boys to believe that Santa is the spirit of Christmas that lives in the hearts and lives of all who are kind, giving, caring, and good.  I am Santa.  So are you.  This year Santa was countless people coming together to help my children have the best Christmas morning they could imagine.  Bartenders, waitresses, business owners, friends, family, and total strangers came together and filled their Christmas lists, going so far as to rent a snow machine and stand outside for an hour in 20 degree weather to make #10 on the list (“a white Christmas”) happen. photo-11

As my kids came out of their room this morning and saw the presents tumbling and sprawling out across our small living room, they also saw a letter from “Santa.”  Yes, the letter was written on my MacBook and I am the one who typed the words, but Santa was working through me and Santa had a message for my children.

Dear Dakota and Sage,

I cannot believe how much you have grown this year! You are young men now, and such fine young men at that! 

I know that things have been hard lately. I don’t have answers for why some things in life happen. I wish that I did. There are just some things that I don’t know, but there are a few things that I do know for sure:

1) Your dad is always with you. He will always be with you. He hears you when you talk to him. He gives answers in the best way that he can. While he cannot be with you in the way that he wishes he could, you should know that he is still hugging you every day and telling you he loves you and is very proud of you. You can hear it in the wind, feel it in the warmth of your skin, and see it everywhere there is light and beauty. Your dad is the man in the moon and, even when you cannot see him in the sky, he is always always always shining down upon you. Remember: When the moon tells you something, believe it.

2) You are loved beyond anything you can even imagine. You know that I have helpers around the world and that I get millions of letters every year. I have gotten so many letters in the last month that are all about you two that I have lost count! So many people have wanted to help make sure you have a wonderful Christmas because you are such wonderful boys and because everyone loves you. I had to hire extra help! Because of all the help I had with your gifts, I have to admit that there might be duplicate presents. It’s also possible that some of the presents you asked for, Sage, might have Dakota’s name on them. Dakota, some of the presents you asked for might have Sage’s name on them. There will probably even be presents with no name on them. I’m sorry about that, but I know that you both work so well together as a team that you’ll be able to figure it out.

3) Finally, I know that the coming years might be hard, but I believe in you, and things will be okay. Everyone believes in you, especially your mom. Listen to her. She knew your dad better than anyone else in the world and he still talks to her every day. They will continue to work together as a team to be your parents. A love like theirs cannot be ended by something like physical death. Their love and their partnership is forever, so listening to her is like listening to both your mom and dad together. There are no parents in the world who love their children more than your parents (both of them) love you. You will make it. Life will be different, but it will also be good!

Merry Christmas, Dakota and Sage. I am proud of you!

The man in red

p.s. Sorry about the lack of round coke bottles this year. I’m trying to be green this year and glass is easier to recycle and more eco-friendly to make. I hope that’s okay.


My children got almost everything on their Christmas lists.  We are now the house of Legos and Skylanders Giants.  We are the house of lava lamps, video games, dragons, tie dye kits, Flarp Fart Putty (don’t ask,) and the house of magic Snow elves.  My children got everything they wanted for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you, Santa!

As they days continue, however, they are going to need more than toys and games.  They will need clothes and shoes and good food and dental care and all of the things that we take for granted every day.  I am doing everything in my power to make that happen, but I am going to need your help, too.  I’m going to need Santas in my life to help me help my children.  Personally, I’m going to need ears that will hear me, arms that will hold me in friendship and support, smiles to shine upon me.  These are the gifts that I depend on to get me through the day.  Thank you, each and every one, for being my Santa. I continue to be blessed by your overflowing bag of gifts and, while I’m not sure what I have done to deserve it, I am so very grateful.  Thank YOU for loving me, for holding me up, for supporting me, for giving me undeniable proof that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in the lives and hearts of so many, each and every day of the year.

I believe in Santa.  Oh yes, I believe.


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