The #Yoga of Celebrating Birthday Week (hint: it doesn’t have to be your birthday!)


No, this is not one of my doggies, but ohmygoodnes, look how awesome!

It’s my Birthday Week, my favorite week of the year! To be truthful, it’s Day 5 of my Birthday Week and I am having just as much fun as the party animal to the left.  Again, let’s take a minute to look at that awesome doggie and smile.


Okay, back to business.  It’s Day 5 of birthday week and it has been remarkable!

  • Day one was spent teaching yoga.  While I was teaching, Polly was planting me a cherry tree right by the yoga deck.  SWEET!

Day two found me gorging myself silly on yummy sushi with my favorite birthday buddy.  This is a tradition we have had for … gosh, 10 years now!





Day three brought to me a 90-minute massage (bliss,) followed by the unexpected joy of getting to drive and handle an absolutely massive $2M crane and help tear down the historic Regency Hotel.  It was incredible and I admit that I giggled all the way through.  Go ahead, try to tell me that this wouldn’t just rock your socks off.  Yeah, didn’t think you could.

Day 4 was full of awesomeness.  I spent my lunch dining with some of my favorite people, celebrating another friend’s birthday.  A piece of pizza bigger than my head, folks!  The only thing that can beat that is maybe spending the evening hanging out with my family and other friends and playing vintage pinball.  Happy kids = happy mama!

And today brings us to Day 5.  I teach one of my most favorite classes on Fridays, so I started my day off with the Friday Flyers.  Loads of fun arm balances and inversions, giggles and grunts, face plants and fabulousness.  It was lovely! My afternoon plans got unexpectedly changed last minute, so I asked myself what I really felt like doing instead.  I ended up soaking in a hot bath after lunch and have been in my pajamas since 1pm.  Nothing wrong with that.

My birthday week will continue with dinner and movie with my husband and will culminate with a yogi brunch on Sunday.  I absolutely cannot wait.  I LOVE BIRTHDAYS, I celebrate mine with flair and style, and I don’t mind allowing myself to be spoiled.  So what does all of this have to do with yoga, you ask?  I’ll tell you.  It’s all about the attitude of gratitude.  An attitude of gratitude can make *every week* seem like birthday week!

My week has been incredible, but aside from the brunch on Sunday (and not even that – I’ll explain in a bit,) nothing about what has made this week so amazing happened because of my birthday!  The cherry tree, most likely, was going to find it’s home at Yoga Sol eventually.  That it happened on the first day of birthday week happened to be a coincidence (I think,) but I was so excited and it seemed to fit the theme, so it became my birthday tree for the first day of birthday week!  Sushi with my birthday buddy is a tradition, but it’s not like it’s the only time we have sushi.  We could have sushi any given day (well, those days when we aren’t scheduled down to the minute.) It was because it was birthday week that I chose to see it as a birthday celebration and a party for me!  The massage was incredible and it was exactly what my body needed, but it happened to fall into birthday week simply because that’s what fit the schedule.  I was incredibly grateful and chose to see it as yet another part of the big celebration and I was grateful!  Now the whole crane thing had absolutely positively nothing to do with my birthday – I promise, the foreman had no idea it was my birthday week – but tell me that isn’t something to celebrate!! Yep, can’t do it, can you.  And, of course, lunch was for someone else, but who doesn’t love awesome organic pizza and awesome organic friends and awesome organic laughter?  The pinball thing —

well, that was just pure joy to watch.  Had nothing to do with me at all, but still felt like a continuation of the same party that was rolling and on and on from day to day.  Obviously teaching yoga is like a party for me and pajamas at 1pm on a Friday?  Just plain ohmygoodness awesome!  Even looking ahead: dinner and a movie could happen just about any week and, while it most certainly wouldn’t be the same (and I’m certain that my birthday brunch Sunday is going to be a big ol’ party – wheeeee!,) it’s possible to have brunch with these amazing people on other days, too. (but seriously, for real, I’m squeaking with excitement over this brunch!!!  It’s certainly a birthday thing.)

All of that rambling to make the point: You can look at everything good that happens in your life, no matter how big or how small, as a gift just for you! You can celebrate yourself and your life any dang ol’ time you want to! See a pretty flower?  It’s your birthday week (graduation week, stubbed-toe week, new nail polish week, root-canal week, bought new pants week, etc.) present!  Have a particularly wonderful conversation that makes you laugh so hard you pee a little?  Happy I-Have-Good-Friends week!  Find a perfect nail polish?  It was put in your path as present just for you! Finally hover away from the wall in handstand? CELEBRATE – it’s your day!

Pretty awesome, eh?

I had a friend who used to pray to be “open to the moments of the day,” meaning those moments that bring joy, laughter, light into the day.  (Incidentally, as she was telling me this, we saw an elderly man and a late 30-ish woman walking to some public bathrooms. They didn’t know each other and weren’t walking together, but somehow both of them ended up going into the wrong bathroom!  My friend and I howled with laughter and she said, “See, there you go!  That is a moment of the day!”)  If you live your life being grateful for the moments of the day, every week IS birthday week because, through gratitude, we are reborn.  We see the goodness in things and slowly, but surely, we stop focusing on the not so good stuff, and everything starts to look like a little present just for us.

OHMYGOODNESS how awesome is that?  Awesome enough to celebrate!





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