Product Review: Deepak Chopra’s “Leela” for Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii


I am not a gamer.  When I was a little kid, I did enjoy PacMan and Frogger and, as I got a bit older, I became great friends with Mario and Luigi.  Now, as an adult, I will occasionally get into a Wii bowling tournament or race or box or something or other and I am still super tight with Mario and Luigi, but you won’t often find me going crazy for or itching to play a video game.  It’s just not my style; it’s too loud, to bright, too crazy, too much.  So when I was contacted by Deepak Chopra’s people and asked to review a video game, I was skeptical and honestly thought it would be a gnarly experience.

I was wrong. 

Leela is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s not really a game nor is it really an exercise program, it’s more of a union of mind / body/ spirit that involves hand eye coordination and focused thought.  It is yoga without asana and it is wonderful!  Based on the 7 chakras, Leela takes you through 49 levels of movement and concentration to build and create life, intention, focus, direction, peace, and harmony.  One of the first things you do in Leela is to design your own Mandala.  Working like a kaleidoscope, Leela offers endless Mandalas for you to choose from, and you may change your mandala at any time, as many times as you want.  Beautiful and soothing, Mandala design sets the stage for the active phase of Leela. Beginning with the base chakra, Muladhara, the player moves through 7 levels of practice before being able to gain access to the next section (Svadisthana,) where the player will go through 7 more levels until moving on, etc. until you’ve completed the game.  Alternatively, if you’re not interested in active play, you can choose to enter the section of meditation.  Chopra’s words guide you through multiple levels of meditation to calm your mind, spirit, and soul, leaving you centered and ready to move on with your day.  After a few rounds of guided meditation, the player opens the free meditation option where soothing, ambient music plays for player determined time.

The colors and music used throughout the process are vibrant, but not glaring.  It is a soothing, inspiring experience from beginning to end.  Not patronizing in the least, the information given is clear and instructional without being dry or redundant.  It is a fantastic guide through the chakra system that can be appreciated by players of all experience levels and of all ages.  My children LOVE Leela.  Whether they are playing themselves or are watching me play, they always end up feeling and acting calm, centered, and happy.  I do, too.

There is even a Leela MandalaFacebook App and a chance to win!  From Krystal at the Leela Outreach Team:

 …entering the Leela Mandala Creativity Contest could give you a chance to win the Leela videogame or the Leela CD soundtrack.

A “mandala” is artwork that expresses an individual’s unique essence and intentions. With the Leela Mandala app, you and your readers can create, customize and share your own personal mandalas with friends. Then, from November 15th 2011 to December 9th, 2011 you can submit your mandala to the Leela Mandala Creativity Contest . Winners will be chosen weekly.

The Leela Mandala Facebook App can be found here:

Right on!

I will say that I believe Leela is wonderful for the Wii, but I imagine it is even better for the Xbox.  Movement is controlled by the Wii remote, but with the entire human body in Kinect.  You physically move your root chakra to go through origin, etc.  That said, it is still highly effective with the Wii and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a more centered approach to life.  At around $40 for the Wii and around $50 for Xbox, Leela is an affordable retreat into peace and harmony at your fingertips, available at any time of day in your own home.

Beautiful, peaceful, harmonious, and fun, Leela is a revolutionary blend of spirituality and game play and mind/body connection. Try it out and set your chakras spinning!


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  1. I rented this game not to long ago and like you said in the post it is unlike anything iv ever played it like a mind body and soul game all and all I did enjoy it but after a while i had to just dance it up lol kepp on keepin on

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