Sweet September


Each Autumn, I find myself turning inward and reflecting on the steps I have taken on this journey called life. I look back at the first 3 seasons and revel in the metemorphasis of the earth and of myself. The Buddha said, “No step on this path is wasted.” I remember this as I move through my days. Some days I repeat the same steps I have taken before, other days I find myself going in a new route. What we have expereinced in our lives shape who we are and what we know and give us the ability to shape our future; we learn from what has come before and we become better able to approach the future with optimisim and faith.

Yoga is the perfect tool to help us along the way. On our mat, we step into the moment and stay there. Our breath centers us and allows us to release those things which no longer serve a positive purpose in our lives: negativity, blame, shame, guilt, regret, anger, pain, expectations, attachment, greed, etc. Our movement through asanas when linked with breath is meditation in motion, our movement solidifies and anchors the changes we are making in our minds and hearts. When we empty ourselves of that which holds us back, we have nothing stopping us from welcoming the best things into our lives. We have more room for forgiveness, acceptance, love, compassion, peace, hope, courage, strength, faith, laughter, and grace. The more we practice, the more these things become routine and, eventually, become a part of who we are on a daily basis without effort or thought.

As you move through your routine this fall, be sure to take time to meet your mat at least 3 times a week. It will change your life and changing your life is changing the world, one thought, feeling, word at a time. No step is wasted, it’s never too late.

Join us today!

When you recognize the perfection in your choices – including your mistakes – you are on your way to making even more perfect choices. ~Alan Cohen



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