If I could only have one brand of yoga pants for the rest of my life, it would be these.


I’m about to show you something so amazing it will blow your mind.  Just try to hold yourselves together long enough to read all the way to the end.

Okay, so I already have those.  I might also like to have these:

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet?

These are the amazing tie-dyed yoga pants by Shining Shakti.  They are amazing!  They don’t just look fabulous, they *behave* fabulously.  I am not going to lie – I’m really hard on my yoga pants.  I don’t always wash them separately, I don’t hand wash anything, occasionally my husband or my children will put stuff in the dryer that has no business being there.  I have a large dog who likes to practice with me – sometimes ON me.  I teach a minimum of 5 classes a week.  I am not the Martha Stewart of yoga pants, know what I’m saying?  And yet, these hand-dyed, organic cotton pants never ever let me down!

Check it out:

I am short.  Really short.  Even when I buy things in petite, I often have to have them altered.  When I got my first pair of Shining Shakti pants, I cut 3 inches off the bottom, but couldn’t wait to wear them, so I taught in them without hemming them first.  Then I forgot to hem them.  Then I washed them with all my jeans.  Guess what?  They didn’t fray.  Not one single snaggle thread to be found.  NOT ONE.  Not only did they not fray….

They do not bleed!  I have the Moonbow and the Jezebel and, as I mentioned before, they don’t always get the best laundering.  They have been washed with towels, jeans, dresses, bras, and yes, even *gasp* whites and guess what?  NO COLOR BLEEDING.  They are just as bright and vibrant as the day they arrived and so are all the other clothes who have played water twister with them in the machine.  Oh yes, I said “machine!” No hand washing required!

They just feel so dang good!  They support and hold you in where you want to be supported and held in, but never ever leave you feeling like a sausage! It is incredibly easy to move in these pants – nothing creeps up, nothing falls down, and nary a camel toe in sight.

In this day and age of craptastic customer service, Shining Shakti stands apart.  The first pair I ordered arrived in the wrong size.  I called and spoke to Rachel who assured me that they’d fix the error immediately.  Now, for most companies, immediately means “whenever we stop watching True Blood and feel like getting around to it.”  Not Shining Shakti!  Nope.  Within 30 seconds of hanging up, there was a prepaid return shipment label in my inbox.  Less than 48 hours later, I was holding the correct size in my eager little hands.  Seriously.  48 hours!  Now, okay, I do live in the state next to them, so it might take a bit longer if you live on the coasts, but STILL… that’s pretty damn fast.

And finally — they are really affordable!  At most, they are $69.  I’m a very thrifty yogini.  I don’t spend that kind of money on clothes, it’s just not in my budget.  That said, yoga is my career and it does require some investment, so I might branch out and get some pricier yoga clothes.  I have purchased more expensive yoga pants and, honestly, I hated them.  They don’t fit right.  They fade.  They feel odd.  Just … yeah, just not my style.  Shining Shakti, however, are absolutely positively perfect in each and every way and are worth every red cent.  But wait, there’s more!  They are often on sale!  Yes, the magic “S” word!  They have loads of sales!  Friend them on Facebook and you’ll get the scoop!

No more solid black dreary yoga pants.  No more saggy butts and hungry camel toes.  No more split seams and pilled thighs.  NO MORE, I say! It’s a yoga pants revolution, folks, and Shining Shakti is leading the way.  Be a part of it!

(and if you’re lamenting missing my birthday, I take a size Medium. 😉  )


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  1. I just bought my first pair of Shining Shakti pants a month ago and sooo agree with everything you just said. They were hanging up at my local yoga studio and when I saw them on my way to go change I knew that if they fit me I HAD to have them. They make me so happy and just wearing them cheers me up. Plus even though I live in the desert the cotton is cool enough to wear even in the midst of a crazy hot summer. I can’t wait to get a second pair!

    • Wahooo!!

      I live in the Midwest (okay, some people call it the South, but it’s Midwest to me,) and it’s blazing hot and humid all summer long. I never have the dreaded crotch sweat! So glad you love them, too! Shine on, Shine on, Shine on!

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