#365Yoga day 125: Love and Happiness (Viva Yoga Sol!)


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Oh friends, what can I say? I am blessed beyond measure and the love is flowing like waves.

Yoga Sol has been open for nearly a week now and it is, by far, the most beautiful studio I have ever seen. It’s true, I might be a little biased, but whatever. Can you blame me? Classes started Saturday and the weather was gorgeous – the first classes at the studio took place with the walls rolled up to the ceiling and the warm breeze blowing in over the yogis and yoginis like a baptism, a blessing.  It felt almost holy. It also felt like a party.  Makes sense; that’s pretty much what Yoga Sol is all about.

Teaching in the new space is unlike anything I’ve ever done before because it feels like home. There are parts of me in places that seem to wink and smile at me as I move around the room: Om Namah Shivaya Om in Sanskrit (a replica of one of my tattoos) is painted in shimmering gold along the baseboard of one wall, a picture I took during the trip to Santa Barbara hangs next to the picture of Polly and me hanging out with Michael Franti, Jolene Rust, and J Bowman, and one of the doors is painted just like doors of the shower house at White Lotus, the place where my life changed for ever. It is as though Shiva, Shakti, Ganesha, Kali, Hanuman, Ram, and the rest swirl around me, whispering constant reminders that this is where I am meant to be.

Each student who walks into the studio somehow manages to simultaneously light up with excitement and settle down in serenity before my eyes. It is clear that they are loving the place as much as I do and my goodness, does that make me happy! A studio should feel like home, like a sanctuary, to each person who enters. I think Yoga Sol is that place.

The seemingly endless hours of work and rework, decision and dedication, change and commitment have all paid off. I am the manager and spend as many hours a week doing that work as I do teaching. It is a new skill for me, but one for which I feel I am well suited. It feels good to put all the ideas that we’ve bounced back and forth into action and it also deepens my love for the studio to a different level. Each act is a labor of love and I realize that I am smiling as I work.

Somehow the feeling of being overwhelmed has left the building.  Somehow it has all smoothed out and it flows and ripples and bubbles in perfect rhythm.  There are bumps here and there, for sure, but what in life is without bumps in the road?  Perfectly imperfect, right? It feels amazing to be on both sides of the mat. It takes time and effort, but mostly, it takes awareness and mindfulness.  It takes yoga. Handy, eh?

I teach 5 days of the week. Each class has a different time and a different feel. I absolutely adore that. I feel I get the chance to explore and present many different aspects of yoga, many different aspects of myself. It is liberating and exciting and enlightening, just as it should be.  Today I am teaching a class filled with long, extended holds. I play ambient music, limit my words, and suggest that folks close their eyes to look within. Tomorrow I will teach a class of vigorous flows, inversions, and arm balances (handstands, anyone?) and the day after that I will teach a class for all levels, and then it is on to the next week of awesomeness.

So much love.  So much happiness.  So much gratitude.

I’m lucky girl, I’m telling you.

What is going right in your world today?  What do you love?  What makes you feel happy? Have you said Thank You? Maybe it’s time.



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