#365yoga Day 117: The King and I


I woke really early today.  Before I had a cup of coffee and before the sun was fully up, I was already on the computer answering emails and sending others in regards to the new studio.  There is so much more involved to opening a studio than I ever imagined and I only know a tiny portion of it.  Emails about my son’s birthday party today started rolling in, folks requesting to guest post here arrived in my inbox (folks, I appreciate the offer, but I recruit guests posts when I want them,) and my kids needed breakfast and my vehicle had to go to the shop and …. it was a crazy busy morning.  I was feeling a little dizzy and I still hadn’t even gotten dressed.

Wondering how I was going to do it all without going insane, my youngest son ran out to get the mail.  He came in laden with packages for me! The Shining Shakti pants I ordered arrived and I got a little birthday-love package from my darling Flying Yogini. The pants are beyond incredible – get yourself a pair post haste. I put them on and felt groovy and centered and happy and alive.  I opened the package from Nancy and got all misty-eyed.  Nancy is just incredible and I’m so honored to be her friend – she really gets people and she really gets “it.”  Inside my package was a beautiful journal, a large bar of dark chocolate, and The Essential Rumi.  See what I’m saying?  I don’t call her “Awesomesauce Alder” for nothing. 😉

I sat down a bit ago and flipped through the book.  I came across this immediately:

There is a joy, a winelike freedom

that dissolves the mind and restores

the spirit, and there is a manly fortitude

like the king’s, a reasonableness

that accepts the bewildered lostness.

But meditate now on steadfastness

and clarity, and let those be the wings

that lift and soar through the celestial spheres.

I don’t know how everything is going to get done.  I don’t know where we’re all going.  I don’t know the exact steps to take to prevent getting lost or bewildered.  I do know, however, that if I keep going, if I keep my eyes and ears and heart open, it will work out, the path will be clear and steadfast and true.  I know that I will soar – maybe with a little help from the cape of a king. 😉 



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  1. snail mail is the most wonderful thing.. it make you feel special and wonderful and like a kid a christmas (or like mom/dad let you pick out something special)… it’s amazing all you do and continue to do… in harried times, I remind myself to breathe, that getting all ~~~ crazy~~~ doesn’t help anyone.. least of me.. congrats on the studio… so glad i gotta catch on your blog!

  2. That is amazing and inspiring that you are opening a studio! Best of luck. Here is one of my favorite poems for you; it is applicable every day of every human’s life, but maybe especially now:

    Enough. These few words are enough.
    If not these words, this breath,
    If not this breath, this sitting here.

    This opening to the life
    we have refused
    again and again
    until now.

    Until now.

    ~by David Whyte

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