#365yoga Day 90: The Wheel


At 11:27 am CST, I locked the door to 300 Saint James Street for the last time.  I had just finished teaching my last yoga class at our temporary studio and it was a lovely class filled with committed yoga students and beautiful energy.  I got into my car and had to sit there for a little while and reflect.  

It was about 2 years ago that I decided to become a yoga teacher.  2 short years.  It’s something I always thought about, of course.  I wanted to do it for a long time, but certain things (read: feeling like I didn’t deserve to do it, wasn’t worth it, etc.) kept me from pushing through and doing it.  I’ll never forget the moments that got me to the other side of that: several yoga teachers at the gym I attended kept asking me to “finally get” my “yoga training in so” I “could sub already, dammit!”

What can I say, they were persuasive.

20 months ago, I did what I could with what I had (very tiny budget and very little time,) and took a very little basic yoga teacher training.  Within 3 days I was able to teach at my gym.  And teach I did!  It was only a few weeks later that I had my own regular class and was subbing frequently in multiple locations all over town.  My goodness, when I think back on some of those classes, well, let’s just say that most yoga students are benevolent, patient, good humored folk!  I kept teaching, though, and I kept learning and growing and asking questions.  I kept searching and trying and trusting in the process.  Yoga Sol was born and I moved my mat from the gym to a studio.

Yoga Sol lived at that studio for 14 months.  My classes grew from one student (or, at times, none) to wall to wall mats.  I met amazing people and felt amazing energy and got to witness the transformation that comes when you commit to a regular yoga practice both in my students and in myself.  I met mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters, artists and actors, poets and photographers, teachers and students, and Michael Franti and his gang.

The wheel keeps on rolling down the road, for sure!

Somewhere along that road, I realized that I DO deserve to follow my bliss, I DO deserve to have a bright future, I DO deserve a real and proper training, so in October I packed up my bags and headed out west to The White Lotus Foundation.  For many of you, this might not seem like a big deal. For me and my family, however, it was revolutionary.  I left my homeschooled children and husband (who works in an industry that is fueled by college sports,) alone for 16 days during the 3 busiest weekends of the year: homecoming and games against the 2 top rivals.  Used to be that I wouldn’t even think about scheduling lunch during those weekends, much less a trip across the country!  Yoga transforms, eh?

I sent in my final paperwork for my 200RYT last Saturday.  I DID IT!

Today I locked the door at the temporary location of Yoga Sol.  I taught the last class there and I will be teaching the first class at the new location, 210 Saint James Street, which just happens to fall on my 35th birthday.  I think it’s highly significant.  I feel it’s a rebirth, of sorts.  I will be opening the studio not just as a teacher, but as the manager, working very closely with one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, my mentor, friend, and Yoga Sol owner, Polly.  What started out as just the two of  us in a dance studio has now grown into the first indoor / outdoor yoga studio in Mid-MO, if not the entire state of Missouri.  We have a teaching staff of  8 other teachers on board now as well as our own classes filled with students who have followed us both through the trenches and into the light.

And the wheel is still rolling!

Yoga is very much like a wheel.  The more momentum it has, the further it goes, and will usually take you further than you could ever imagine if you just let it go.  I cannot wait to see where this leads, but I’ll tell you this – I hope I never stop the wheel from turning.  I will watch it with amazement and awe and joy because it is bound to be an awesome ride.


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  1. so excited for you and to have shared virtually so much of this journey with you! wish I could crack the bubbly with you on the big day, but know I’ll be doing it here in your honor. So proud of you sis!

    • Oh Nancy, I’m so grateful to have shared the journey, every step of the way, with you, too. Isn’t it amazing? Big bubbly giggly smooches to you, my cyber twin.

    • Thank you, Anna. I’m so honored to know you and feel so blessed to have your love and support. I think about what this journey has brought me and amongst the many, many blessings are friends like you and the other #yogadorks. Much love!

  2. I absolutely loved reading this. So incredibly inspiring to me – as I’m 31 and about to do my yoga teacher training… And I dream of building a solid student base and bringing yoga to more people!

    Sometimes it’s easy to think, “I’ve waited too long” or “I’m getting too old” to embark on something new like this – especially as a woman who also wants to have kids and the family as badly as to be a yoga teacher – so your words really touch me and show me – it IS possible and women just like me are doing it RIGHT NOW.


    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Oh Robyn, DO IT. Just go for it! You are never too old or too young to follow your dreams!

      I’m so glad that my story spoke to you. I have the family and the student base. It helps that both of my young sons (10 and 8) have their own yoga practice as well. They often come to the studio with me while I’m teaching (they read in the lounge) and they respect what it is that I am doing. Sometimes they take the class I am teaching, but mostly they quietly respect the space. That said, I have many teacher friends with children who have no interest in the mat. It works either way!

      I’m proud of you for taking the chance, taking the step, and moving forward! Best of luck and much love to you!

  3. Oh! It would be so absolutely amazing to have my (future) kids practice with me, or just be in that wonderful environment, along with my family and friends. You are truly blessed!!
    Thank you again so much – for this post and so many of your others!

  4. What an amazing post. Thank you from all of the moms who feel overworked and under time constraints to do what they love. You will be a happier person after your experience! Everyone will see you new even brighter light! Yay you!

  5. Sarah – I so needed to read this today – what an inspiration! I am a new teacher as well and some days there are no students – some days many! It has been an awesome ride so far and I’m glad to hear you are doing so well. Congrats on your 200 YTT – woo hoo!!! Wish I lived closer – I’d love to experience that indoor/outdoor yoga!

    • Ah, Maria, it’s all part of the process. While the days of empty classes were so hard, they ended up teaching as much, if not more, than the classes filled to the brim. MY yoga became about letting go, trusting the process, allowing things to unfold as the universe planned, not forcing solutions, and chilling the eff out and believing.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. What an inspirational story. The part where you said “I do deserve to follow my bliss” & proceeded to go after what you wanted truly resonated me. ❤

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