#365yoga Day 67: Yoga Connects (much love to my yoga family!)


After reading my post from yesterday , my pal Nancy commented that, once again, we are on the same wavelength.  She had written nearly the exact post this past Sunday as I wrote yesterday.  I hadn’t read her post yet (I’m woefully behind in my blog reading,I admit,) and when I checked it out today I nearly fell over.  This happens to us all the time.  We like the same music, same clothes, same poses, same … pretty much everything.  We often think the same things at the same time.  We share a lot and often wonder if we share our brains, too.  Nancy is as much of a sister to me as is my biological sister.  We are strongly connected by many things, but it all started with yoga.

This coming Saturday, 30 students of yoga will start a 16 day journey that will change their lives forever at The White Lo

tus Yoga Foundation.  They will start their Yoga Teacher Training with Tracey and Ganga as individuals, as strangers, but they will leave as family.  It blows my mind that it has been 4 months since I stepped foot on the mountain and left a part of my heart there.  I met people who live in my heart every day. I felt connection with the land, the people, the spirit — I still do.  I speak of my brothers and sisters born on the mountain.  They are my family and we are connected by many things, but it, too, all started with yoga.

I have a community of yoga teachers and yoga students I am connected with online.  Many of us call it the cyber sangha.  We share ideas, concerns, ask and answer questions, laugh, love, and learn.  We share hope and courage and strength, humility and humanity, practice and praise, coffee and cupcakes (often via fax!)  We are spread all over the world, but we know much about each other and have supported each other through a lot.  We are connected, we are brothers and sisters of the mat.

Yoga brings people together.  It is something that changes us from the inside out as individuals, but also changes the world by connecting us all.  We are a community of people sharing the same general belief that we (everyone) is one: one love, one breath, one world, one people.  Yoga = To yoke, to unite, to bring together.  While I love and cherish the things yoga has brought to my life, today I give thanks for the people who have come into my life as a result of my relationship with my mat.

I love you, my yoga family, wherever you are.


                         When we walk together little children
                         We don't ever have to worry
                         Through this world of trouble
                         We've got to love one another
                         Let us take our fellow man by the hand
                         Try to help him to understand
                         We can all be together forever and forever
                         When we make it to the promised land

                                        ~ Jerry Garcia



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  1. I loved loved reading this!! I am so excited to officially be a part of the wonderful yoga community:-) Yogis are so kind, and welcoming! Happy to now find your lovely blog:-)
    Take care,

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