#365yoga Day 55: It’s alright! (and exciting news!)


JHL reminds us today that there is nothing wrong with us.  We are not broken.  We are where (and who) we are supposed to be.  We are healthy and whole and complete, just as we are.  Thursday mornings are hit or miss.  Sometimes th

ere’s loads of folks, sometimes just a few.  It’s the nature of the game.  Weather, school activities, and a host of other things come into play.  This morning was no different.  I ended up teaching a private class to one person.  This student has been coming to our classes for years, starting when we were still teaching in gyms, and I adore her.  I hadn’t seen her for many months and it turns out that she had had her knee replaced.  Today was her first time back on the mat in 3 months!  That hour ended up being precious, gentle, and a gift to us both.  I felt like I was really providing a much needed service in a much needed, private, gentle way.  Over and over again she sighed deeply and sank a little more into each asana.  Her breath was moving, her body was healing, and her heart was shining like a diamond.  It was a blessing to me to lead her today.  It wasn’t what I had planned for class when I woke this morning, but it was *exactly* what I (and she) needed.  The universe knows best – nothing is broken, all is as it should be.  It’s alright.

I’ve been dealing with the gnarly issue of body acceptance lately.  By lately I mean the last, oh, 34 years or so.  Sometimes I love it, often I hate it, but it’s almost always in the back of my mind if not standing center stage.  OH THIS DAMN LOVE YOUR BODY BUSINESS!  It’s so important, so necessary, so helpful… but ugh.  I often thought I was the only one who hates trying to love my body, but I’m not!  One of my favorite bloggers (and all around awesome person) Anna Guest-Jelley wrote a fabulous article about how she hates to love her body. It is such a relief to just say, “Yep, I’m not loving it today” and move on.  It’s not so much that I hate my body – I don’t.  I just hate the feeling that I’m less than or failing or wrong or broken if I have moments of not liking it.  It’s the pressure to be so “evolved and self accepting” all the damn time that gets me.  So when I let myself just feel what I’m feeling, just hate this or that part of me for a little while, I accept it almost immediately and the hate goes away and I find myself liking what I see (and feel.)  It’s the avoidance of my true feelings that makes my feelings hurt.  What is it that the Buddha said? Life is Dukha.  Accept it and move on – and pretty soon it gets better.  It’s alright.

Sometimes really awesome things happen.  I have written here about The Best of Columbia contest that goes on every year.  It’s kind of a big deal.  I am THRILLED to announce that YOGA SOL TOOK BRONZE!  WAHOOO!  Polly and I attended Inside Columbia Magazine’s Best of Columbia launch party yesterday afternoon and had a great time meeting and greeting and celebrating everyone’s success.  We have been open just a year.  We still haven’t even officially opened our studio yet (still subletting the space,) we have done no official advertising, it’s all been word of mouth.  All of that against us, we still came in 3rd out of 7!   We couldn’t be happier and it’s all due to you.  Thank you. ❤  It’s MORE than alright, darlings.  It’s fabulous!

The world brings us all sorts of things.  The universe knows best.  Sometimes things look awesome.  Sometimes they look like Dukha.  Sometimes things don’t look like you expect them to.  It’s okay.  We’re whole.  We’re not broken.  We’re healthy.  We are exactly who and what and where we are supposed to be.  There is nothing wrong with us, so have a good time, ’cause it’s alright!


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  1. Hot damn this is a great post! Thanks so much for the shout-out and for articulating something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on until I read your post: “It’s not so much that I hate my body – I don’t. I just hate the feeling that I’m less than or failing or wrong or broken if I have moments of not liking it” I relate to that so much! Thanks for sharing and for being so awesome!!

    Also, I laughed really hard when I read this: “By lately I mean the last, oh, 34 years or so.” So with ya on that one. :0


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