#365yoga Day 54: Letting go


We’re 54 days into the #365yoga challenge.  54 days!  That’s incredible – it goes so fast!

I joined up in this journey with the idea of writing every day.  For awhile I was really on top of that and then I started to slip.  Life sometimes takes precedence over writing, you know? Pretty soon I was missing a day here, a day there, several days in a row occasionally. I hated it. I felt like a failure, like I had gone back on my word.  The worse I felt about not writing, the less I wanted to write, the less I wrote, the worse I felt about not writing, so on and so forth.

It finally occurred to me that a) I did not give anyone my word that I’d write every day, b) I’m doing this for me first and foremost and so I should honor myself and my life, and c) yoga is about meeting yourself where you are.  Where am I?  I am in a wonderful, rich, busy, explorative gumbo of life and sometimes I don’t have the time, words, or desire to write it all out.  I am living it deeply and richly – and that is the yoga!

I’m letting go of my expectations of myself.  I’m letting go of my sense of obligation (that was self imposed, anyway.) I’m  letting go shoulds and ought tos and shouldn’ts and all the rest of it.  Spring is just around the corner – it’s a time for rebirth and growth. It’s a time when the flowers and trees and grasses bust on out of their wintery graves and  have a dance party in the light.

I like parties!  I think I’ll join them!

Of course I’m still doing the #365yoga journey and I will still write about it.  I’m just letting go of the sense of obligation, of undue pressure from within.  I’m living it, I’m loving it, I’m letting it go.

Let go of something today.  Free yourself!  Let it go, drop it on the side of the road, and don’t look back.  I’ll meet you under the disco ball. 😉

Let it go before it kills you
Let it fall and the fade away
Let it go let it fall let it fade away
Let’s have fun and do what thrills you
Please don’t waste another day


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  1. LOVE! Be easy on yourself. Even if you’re not writing it all, you know your experience. And you’re recharging. And when you do write, you are brilliant!

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