#365yoga Day 47: Perfectly Imperfect (shout out, @corayoga !)


The video above is one of my very favorites from one of my very favorite yoginis, Cora Wen.  Cora inspires me so much – she’s real, she’s funny, she’s open, she’s warm, and she’s frequently upside down. ❤  I’m posting her video because it goes so perfectly with today’s suggestion from Judith Hanson Lasater about embracing our imperfections as what makes us beautiful, wonderful, and whole.

This morning I had the great pleasure of returning to Polly’s class as a student.  I so needed to be a student, to take a class, to return to my roots with my teacher.  It was incredible!  I was sweaty and bendy and just … was.  At one point I dropped to my knees in an extended hold plank.  Perfectly okay and I encourage my own students to do it in every class if they need to, but it felt …. imperfect to me.  It took me a bit to move past that feeling and realize that, when I did drop to my knees, I was able to keep the integrity of the pose and the alignment without compromising my safety.  That’s yoga, dudes.

Where can you soften and accept your imperfections?  Where can you become more whole, not by changing what is, but by loving what is?  Where can you see, honor, and cherish your imperfect beauty today and everyday?

Thanks Judith, Cora, and Polly for giving me the opportunity to grow into imperfect wholeness.

Jai Ho!



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