#365yoga day 46: Everybody needs a little playtime


Hey there, #yogadork community!  How are you?

I made it back from Memphis last night and I have to say that I honestly do not know if I have ever had more fun in my entire life! We went all over the place and had so much fun!  We never really took a honeymoon, so this was sort of it.  10 years later, we felt like newlyweds – laughing, joking, playing, having fun.

I didn’t realize how much of my life is governed by the clock, schedules, have-tos, shoulds, ought-tos, and expectations until I got away from all of them.  Memphis is full of things to do.  You could wake at the crack of dawn every day and go until you drop way after midnight for more than a week and not even come close to seeing and doing it all.  We were only there for a few days.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to get it all in there.  Prior to my yoga journey, though, I sure as hell would have tried.  There were 4 things I desperately wanted to do: Graceland, Sun Studio, Lorraine Motel, and Beale.  I decided to not care when we did them.  I decided to not look at a clock or set an alarm.  I decided to not follow the typical “Must eat 3 meals” rule.  I decided to just be, to just live, to just experience, to just PLAY.

It was amazing.  Fantastic.  Incredible!  We did all that I wanted to do and more.  We found hole-in-the-wall clubs and took a load off.  We found hopping bars and clubs and kicked up our heels!  We ate when we were hungry (oddly not that often, considering we were in Memphis for goodness sake.)  We were just… present.  Completely and totally present.  No expectations.  Just breath.  Just fun.  Just love.  Just acceptance.  Just being in the now.

It was the best time of my life.  I wonder what my life would be if I could follow those same guidelines at home?  How about you?


At Sun Studios, holding the mic that Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, U2, BB King, and countless others have used.




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