#365yoga Day 41 – Escape is the name of the game


Dear friends, yogadorks, readers, yogis, and random stumble upon’ers.

I haven’t been writing daily.  Honestly I intend to, but my life doesn’t always pull me towards the keyboard.  I try really hard to not force solutions or force anything, really, so I find staying away when I don’t have anything specific to say much more yogic than forcing myself to say something -anything – out of obligation.  To me, that is Satya.

I will not be writing until the middle of next week.  I am about to leave on a little 4 day journey to The Promised Land and surrounding areas with my husband as a celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary.  We have never traveled together.  While I have crossed the country a few times since we said, “I DO” we have never gone anywhere together alone.  No honeymoon, no 7 year itch escape.  This is it and we’re beyond thrilled to cut loose and just be together.

Sometimes we need to just get away. We all do.  While yoga helps us to deal with what is happening in us, with us, and around us, it’s okay to just get out, get away once in awhile.  We need to be able to play.  To laugh.  To put the whole world on hold a bit every now and then.  I’m wildly excited about the opportunity to do just that.

See you next week!


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