#365yoga Day 38: Grateful Gertie, that’s me!


That, my friends, is the face of a happy, grateful yogini.


Today, Judith reminds us that things are unfolding in life the way that they should and that we should be grateful.  That’s fairly easy for me today.  Things are falling into place beautifully.  Life, love, learning and laughing are coming easily to me today.  Hope and peace and gratitude are busting right on out.  The snow is melting, the sky is … well, right now the sky is rather gray, but whatever, moving on, and the future looks bright and happy.

I need these times of joy to carry me through the times of jeers.  We all do.

So, friends and neighbors, let us all lift our glasses, our cups, our spoons, our mats, our feet, and our hands to the real thing that makes the world go round: An Attitude of Gratitude.  Cheers!


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