#365yoga Day 33: Upside down


The whole crazy world has gone topsy turvy out there.  The blizzard has shut schools down for 3 days, many businesses are closed, there are snow piles so large

they might not melt until June.  Folks are going stir crazy or just plain crazy.  I did not handle yesterday with as much grace as I had hoped.  I tried, but by the end of the day I was fit to be tied, pretty pissed, and rather unpleasant.

I had quite a bit of crow eating to do today.  Eh, such is life.

JHL reminds us today that each moment has the potential to contain the same wholeness.  Sort of accepting that not everything is roses and rainbows, but that even the mundane parts of life are miraculous.  Embracing our own humanity, our reality.  Even when it means you won’t see green grass for entirely too long for your liking, even when your own attitude and behavior need serious adjusting, even when your yoga studio has been snowed out for almost a week.

The one surefire way for me to recharge and to find appreciation in things is to go upside down.  When things are nutty, when I am nutty, or when I just don’t know what else to do or where to go, I put my heels above my heart above my head.  The blood flows to my brain and the rush of oxygen presses a reset button in me  I feel strong. I feel light.  I feel clear headed and bright eyed.  I find the beauty and the wholeness in my entire situation.


That’s not to say I would mind swimming in some tropical water with Jack Johnson, but I’ll settle for snow angels and feathered peacocks.


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