#365yoga Day 31: Slip-Sliding into Samadhi



One month down!  We’ve already made it through the first month of #365yoga.

The subtitle of this blog is Slip-Sliding into Samadhi. Samadhi is a rather detailed concept, but you can boil it all down to mean Bliss, if it makes it easier for you.  The sense of being outside of yourself, more than yourself, one with all, easy breezy beautiful yoga girl, you know?  It’s said to be the ultimate goal of yoga (according to Patanjali, but we’re learning that Patanjali might not really be all that.) Anyway, it’s the goal of the goal-less, the desire of the desire-less.  It’s the good stuff, you dig?

I have never done things the easy way nor the way that seems to make most sense.  I kind of wander and stumble and slip and slide and shuffle and still manage to get where I am going.  It may take me longer to get there than some folks or I might make a “wrong” turn that is actually a shortcut and I end up landing smack dab in the middle of my destination way before I expected to.  One thing is for certain – it’s never a straight line and it’s never graceful.  It’s Sarahsana, afterall.

I’ve been thinking about it and wondering if more amazing and incredible and life transforming things are happening to me because of making a conscious commitment to practice some form of yoga every day OR if making a conscious commitment to practice yoga every day is making more aware of the amazing and incredible and life transforming moments that happen every day that I usually miss.  Probably both, honestly.

HUGE things have happened to me this month. A dear friendship that seemed to end in pain and agony has started the journey of healing and coming back together.  The peace this is bringing us both is unbelievable.  I have recommitted to my sitting practice and start each day with meditation.  Connecting to breath, to myself, to the “is,” has made me more centered and conscious of my actions, thoughts, and words.  I’m drinking green juice nearly every day and I feel healthier, stronger, and more vibrant.  I am allowing myself to fulfill a life long dream and will be celebrating my anniversary and Valentine’s Day at Graceland, sun records,  and other awesome Memphis sites.  My parenting is more fun and less chaotic.  My dog is behaving better because I am more consistent with him.

My home practice has changed, too, in a way that totally has surprised me – it’s actually gotten shorter and easier.  I used to feel like I needed an hour of intense work for it to count.  Now, I find my asana in every day movement.  When reaching for a pot in my lower cabinet, I back up a bit and hang out in Ardha Chandrasana for a little bit before picking it up.  Several times a day, I drop to Malasana and give thanks for my life and my other blessings.  In the moments when I’m confused or just don’t know what to do, I flip myself upside down in Sirsasana.  I’m making my yoga work for me, not making myself work for my yoga (thanks, Tracey and Ganga, I finally get it!)

I am finding my yoga in meandering paths, in unexpected locations, at unexpected times.  It’s slippery, but I’m staying on, and the results are more than I ever imagined.  I’m finding my Samadhi alright, one day at a time. What we think on grows, and if we think on peace and hope and joy and enoughness, we slide right into it.  Awesome, eh?


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