#365Yoga Day 28: Reversing Gravity One Thing at a Time



Viparita Karani


Okay, first and foremost, look at my feet!  They didn’t used to look like that.  They used to be narrow and not nobby.  This is what happens when you practice yoga regularly for a long time.  Your feet spread out, get calloused, change shape.  It’s kind of a badge of honor, honestly.  Moving on…

I wrote a bit yesterday about how busy life gets. This is nothing special – (almost) everyone is busy. I certainly hold no market on busyness, but I do own my own little corner.  Teaching, writing, studying, practicing yoga is a wonderful labor of love, but it takes time, commitment, dedication, and effort.  So does my other “job” – raising and educating my children and taking care of the house.  Between the two main gigs, the laundry is never completely done, there are always dishes to do, meals to be made, dog hair to sweep up, etc.  It’s a LOT – or at least it seems like it to me.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

A couple of years ago, a friend gave me wonderful advice on cleaning things up when you feel so overwhelmed.  She said, “Pick up one single thing – a hair tie, a washcloth, a dog toy, a pencil – and go put it away.  Then do one more thing.  And then one more.”  Sounds SO incredibly simple and stupid, but when you think of it, it’s looking at the whole lot that gets me crazy.  I can put away a pencil!  I can put away a sock!  I can fold one basket of laundry!  I can plan one class! I can make one playlist!  I can send one email!

Doing one thing at a time slows me down and makes things much simpler.  If my only goal is to do one thing, then I quickly feel a sense of accomplishment.  If my goal is to do everything, then I very quickly feel a sense of failure.  Guess which sense will encourage me to keep going?  Yep.  If I do one thing at a time and then another and then another, the weight of everything seems to lift off my shoulders.  It almost as if gravity reverses itself and I find myself floating through tasks that any other time would have bogged me down.

We don’t have to do everything.  We don’t have to do it all.  We just have to do one thing at a time.  We don’t have to do 365 days of yoga all at once – just one!  And then, after we’ve done that, we can just throw our legs up the wall and float weightlessly on our accomplishments and awesomeness.



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  1. In a match between my feet and my hands, i think my feet would win. Seriously. They’re so muscular. One of my students pointed it out the other day. Awkward moment. But I love my superhero feet!

    • Superhero feet! HELL YES!! I love that!

      I mean, holy moly, look at my header! It’s less than a year old and my feet have changed so much since then. CRAZY WONDERFUL, i’m saying!

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