#365yoga Days 22 & 23: 108 times around the sun and after


Yesterday I joined the number of people around the world doing 108 sun salutations.  I did it at home while listening to Leonard Cohen and, as always, Hank kept me company.

I did many different versions of Surya Namaskar.  Each brought something new to the mix.  I found feelings and emotions bubbling up.  I didn’t know where they were coming from or what they meant, but I didn’t fight them, I just let them rise up and out.  At #27, I suddenly started crying.  I still don’t know why.  I just cried and felt deeply connected to the energy of everyone around the world.  At #30, I felt compelled to rest in Balasana for quite awhile.  Still crying, I felt something shift and drain from inside of me.  Again, the feeling of connection, of oneness.  I did the next 35 salutations on my knees (well, okay, there were Urdhva Mukka Svanasana and Ahdo Mukha Svanasana in there, too.)  It was a way of connecting with those who cannot walk, who are suffering on their knees, who are struggling with limited mobility, who are struggling. period.)  The tears finally eased a bit and I experienced a kind of nothingness.  Well, nothingness + sore arms.

I took another water break and rested.  It was incredibly difficult to get started again.  In fact, I had to leave and take my kids to class and then to a party.  Getting back on the mat after that was really difficult.  I remembered what Pattabi Jois said, “Practice and all is coming!”  I’m not necessarily an Ashtangi (I am an AshGangi!) but I have always found inspiration in that quote.  I lay out my mat and made it through to the end.  I cussed some.  I laughed some.  I cried a bit more.  I’d like to say that I had some sort of amazing breakthrough as I finished my 108th series, but if I’m honest, the most profound part of it all was the 35 I did on my knees. I think that’s okay.  I will do this again and I’m sure I’ll have a breakthrough again, but maybe at #72 or something.  It’s all part of the process.

Today I am beat.  My hip is none too pleased with me.  I’m sore.  I’m tired.  I’m grateful that I did it.  I feel like I have gone through something and came out the other side.  Today I am resting.  I am practicing gratitude and ease.  I am breathing and reading and meditating and chanting, but I am not moving too much. Stillness after so much motion.  All about the balance.


How are you doing on your journey?  Speak up and let me know!



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  1. I too did 108 salutations. But you know, the sun has always shined brightly for me. Today, I was so happy to see my world covered in snow and the colors that seem to shine through the snow. This has been one magical winter and I am so very happy to be along for the ride.

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