#365yoga Day 9: The Yoga of Jack White


I live in the midwest.  There is a snow storm due to hit us in the next 36 hours and it is supposed to dump around 7″ of the white stuff on us.  Today is Sunday.  I woke up this morning and realized that we needed, oh, just about everything from the grocery store.  A+B+C= total freaking nightmare.

I prepared myself by hanging out with a group of 75 or so people who get together in the basement of a veterinarian’s office  every Sunday morning for about an hour to talk about experience, faith, and hope, and then I headed to the store.  I came armed with probably the best defense mechanism I am allowed to have without a 7 day wait and a permit: my iPhone loaded with The White Stripes and a total lack of fear of ear splitting volume.  I parked the yogamobile, plugged in my ear buds with the hand dandy voice and volume control on the cord, put on my very best “Don’t F*&k With Me” expression, and headed in.

For 97 minutes (34 of them spent in line and checking out,) I listened to Jack and Meg at the loudest volume I could handle.  When some random person decided to follow me for 3 aisles commenting on my shoes, I decided I could handle it a little louder.  I turned it up and suddenly, strange Mr. I-Don’t-Know-Social-Clues  disappeared.  Kapow!

I know you won’t believe this, but I’m asking you to trust me when I tell you that, as I watched him walk away, I felt like doing Chatturanga pushups.  It’s totally true.

In my more advanced classes, I lead my students through Multi-series’ed Surya Namaskar and I include at least 15 Chatturanga pushups.  When I first started doing that, folks just gave me the side-eye and skipped them.  I eventually started telling them WHY they are a part of my more advanced classes – we do pushups so that we can learn that a) we can support our own weight, and b) we can push the world away.  Heavy shit is going to come our way.  NO amount of yoga is going to keep it from coming and landing in our Padmasana‘d laps.  It’s coming.  Life is ugly and hard.  Life IS grocery shopping on Sunday before a snow storm.  It just is and there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop it.

But we CAN deal with it.  We CAN push it away. We CAN support ourselves.  All we need is a little encouragement, a little empowerment, a little inspiration, a little ooomph to get us over the hump.  Today, Jack White carried me through, got me over the hump, and helped me push the world away.  Yep, I can get behind that.  How about you?



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