#365yoga Day 8: Abundance


Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of Abundance



I taught 22 people in this morning’s class.  22.  It was about 18 degrees outside.  Class was at 9 am on a Saturday.  It would stand to reason that class would be small, but reason doesn’t always win out.  As it got closer to starting time, the door seemed to be constantly open as a stream of smiling, warm-hearted yogis and yoginis poured through the door and onto their mats.  The lounge looked like a winter wear outlet had exploded.  I had to start a 2nd sign in sheet and it took me extra time  to settle the accounts after class.  For an hour on the mat and for at least 15 minutes after class, 23 people (including myself) shared energy, stories, hope, peace, and love.  We shared dreams and breath and intention.  We shared our yoga. What a blessing!  What abundance!

Abundance is everywhere, but it’s not always as evident as it was this morning.  It’s there, we just have to look for it.  It often wears a disguise, it often hides, and it often goes by different names, but it’s there.  I saw it at Yoga Sol this morning.  I see it in the “welcome home” hugs I get from my kids when I walk through the door.  I saw it in the shining eyes of my friend from White Lotus as we Skyped this afternoon (I don’t know what is a stronger sign of abundance than having loving friends around the globe!)

Today my yoga is to look for, seek, and appreciate life’s abundance and then being grateful for what I find.  Where do you see abundance in your life?  What do you see?  Where does your gratitude lie today?

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


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