#365yoga Day 5


What started off as a great day, yesterday took a turn and I spent a few hours in a funk.  I was angry and sad and frustrated and just not happy.  I’m human, it happens.  I’ve often said that without the rain, we’d never appreciate the sun.  Fair enough.  That said, I was relieved and pleased that Judith Hanson Lasater’s suggestion for today was to do something that I love.  WAHOOOO!

Wednesday’s mean a morning class at Yoga Sol, so I got up, drank some coffee and ate a delicious orange, and headed to the studio.  Since returning from White Lotus, Polly and I have been co-teaching a lot.  It really is remarkable.  Often she will lead the class while I walk around giving assistance and adjustments and assurances.  It works so well and I’ve come to really love spending the class walking around and giving one on one work to each student.  Of course, I adore leading as well and look forward to the new studio opening so I have more opportunity to do that, but I have fallen in love with what we’ve got going on now.  So, before 10:30 in the morning, I had already done 60 minutes of something I love.  WIN!

Know what else I love?  Hip openers.  Yep, I love ’em.  And, since I seem to have some stuff I need to release, I decided to spend some time in Hanumanasana with Hank and then some Upavista Konasana.  I admit that I hung out here for a long time.  Another WIN!


Monkey God and the Dog

Kinda looks like a face plant! ha!



And now I’m hanging out with my kids and listening to 70’s Gold.  Don’t judge, it’s not yogic.

I’m happy.  I’m free.  And I love that, too.

#365yoga Day 5 FTW!



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