TCB 2011: Disclaimers and the whatnot



I’m going to make this it’s own page, but thought I’d post it as well.


This blog is the property of Sarah Kohl.  All writing belongs to me.  You’re free to share (via link or by quote,) but you must give me credit.  If you don’t give me credit, you’re stealing and that is not cool.  Karma will bite you on the arse.  I might, too.

While I am extremely proud to be manager of and yoga teacher at Yoga Sol, this is my personal blog.  I do post changes in schedule and Yoga Sol news and updates here, but mostly it is my own personal thoughts, experiences, feelings, and ideas that get posted.  I am opinionated and not everything I write will be agreed on by all.  This is why you  must hold me, personally, accountable for my writings.  I own my words and my posts.

Sometimes I cuss.  Sometimes I use incorrect grammar and punctuation.  Sometimes I regret what I say.  Sometimes I repeat myself.  All times I am human, just like you.

I welcome comments on my posts.  While posts are published on Facebook and Twitter, it’s best to leave comments here on the blog.  It can create a discussion, which I welcome.  That said, while I invite and respect differing opinions, I will not tolerate disrespect to myself or others.  Don’t attack, don’t be an ass.  This is why all comments get moderated.  Practice Satya – kind, true speech.

I’m happy to do reviews for music, products, books, etc., that are relevant.  I’ve done a fewy, so I know the drill.  If you’d like me to review something, contact me directly.

I am considering some “Guest Posts” done by students detailing what yoga means to them, how it changes their lives, etc.  If you’re interested, contact me directly.

Thanks for reading!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!


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