#365yoga day 3


Due to yesterday’s lack of asana, I was determined to get on the mat today.  I woke up and hit the mat.  I did it even before I peed, I was that determined.  HELLO MULA BANDHA!  It was certainly not a long practice, but it was exactly what I needed.  Surya Namaskar x 4, Series B salutations, pigeon, twists, dancer.  25 minutes beginning to end.

I realized how stiff I am when I first wake up.  I usually open up as I make the coffee, let the dog out, chase the kids, haul the laundry, etc., but very rarely do I do my initial movements of the day on the mat.  What a revelation!  I could really feel each muscular and skeletal group moving and breathing and releasing.  I was doing it intuitively and was reminded that our bodies speak so clearly to us, we only need to listen!

Feeling alive and refreshed (after a little trip to the loo, of course) I realized that my outlook on the day was sunny and bright – and it’s MONDAY, people!  I felt alive.  I felt healthy.  I felt happy.  I felt connected.  I felt yogic. I felt free.  And I also felt hungry, so I made Beatrix Rohlsen’s White Lotus oatmeal for breakfast.  Put some yummy dried cherries on top and remembered 16 mornings of incredible oatmeal eaten in sukhinasana during my yoga teacher training.  I felt the connection all over again.  Bliss.

This afternoon brought sunshine and a trip to the park.  I couldn’t help myself – I had to do a little PDA (Public Display of Asana.)  Afterall, parks are made for DownDoggies!

Later on will be meditation and pranayama followed by time with my mala chanting to Ganesh with candles lit.  And after that will probably be a martini.  After all, yoga is all about the balance, and so am I.




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