365 Yoga: Day 1


It’s a New Year!  Welcome 2011!

Instead of making resolutions this year, I am setting intentions.  I will write more about this soon, maybe even later on today, but one of my intentions is to fully and more deeply live my yoga 365 days a year.  My friend Nancy mentioned this on twitter the other day and I am happily joining her along with several others yogi(ni)s.   We aren’t classifying Yoga as ASANA, however, because, well, frankly yoga is not just asana.  It’s so much more.  And let’s face it – sometimes our bodies need a break, eh? Anyway, we’re going to be following Judith Hanson Lasater‘s book A Year of Living Your Yoga.

Today’s suggestion was about sitting with your feelings, being totally present, without judging or trying to change things.  It tied in perfectly with another one of my intentions: to live my life as I am, not as I expect myself to be.  After following the suggestions for January 1, I feel more able to be myself comfortably.

I will try to write here daily (okay, at least weekly) about my 365 journey.  I encourage you all to join in on your own journey of discovery this year.  What we do for ourselves we do for the world.  Jai ho!


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  1. I was searching for a new, inspirational Yoga book to begin the new year, so thank you for providing the perfect text. I called B&N and the nice voice said they could order and it would arrive in a week – sorry not soon enough – I wanted/needed it TODAY. Therefore, I downloaded on my Kindle (isn’t technology amazing), and I begin 1/1/11 “being present.” Namaste:)

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