The road goes on forever and the yoga never ends…


I’ve been listening to a lot of Robert Earl Keene today.  I love REK.  Enough country, enough rock n roll, enough hard living and enough hope to make him credible and the soundtrack of my life.  As always happens, I ended up playing “The Road Goes On Forever” on repeat.  I have always done that.  Always.  I’ve never really known why that song spoke to me so strongly.  It’s not like I’ve ever shot a cop, owned a Mercedes, or was on death row, you know!  I don’t know why I love it and, until today, I didn’t realize that it belonged on a yoga blog.  Today, however, is today and today  I see where it fits!

The yogic road DOES go on forever and the yogic party NEVER ends.  It goes on.  And on.  There is no destination.  There is no end.  Stay present, stay on the right path.  Ganga White often says, “Start where you are and stay there.”


That’s not to say that we don’t have goals.  As I have written about before, goals are important, they keep us moving.  But once you reach a goal in yoga, it’s not like you stop.  You find that you have yet another goal!  So you meet that goal and, guess what?  There’s another goal right around the corner.  It keeps going.  It keeps growing. And eventually, you realize that the goal keeps moving because the real goal is to keep going.

The end.

The road goes on forever and the yoga party never ends!




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