Sarah and Polly bring AshGanga to CoMO!!



Have you noticed the colors looking a little brighter, the food tasting a little better, the air a little sweeter?  That’s because our Polly is back in CoMO!  Ahhhhh, nothing like Home Sweet Home … unless, maybe, Sol Sweet Sol!!

We were so blessed to spend 16 amazing, inspiring, transformative days at White Lotus in October.  There simply not words enough to share the incredible exprience!  We did it for ourselves, for Yoga Sol, and for YOU.  You all were in our hearts and minds every single day.  We learned new things every day that pertained to each and every one of you.  There were several times we thought of you and how what we were learning would benefit you individually as well as in a group.  Dear friends, we learned and we loved… and now we bring it home to you.

Please join us for a very special class this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, at 9 a.m. as we bring the yoga of the White Lotus Foundation, AshGanga Yoga, to Yoga Sol!  Enter quietly and with reverence and be prepared to experience the Lotus here in Columbia:  Breath, movement, energy, spirit, strength, inspiration, and love, love, love, sweet love!

We adore our Yoga Sol family and are so excited to share this with you.

Yoga Sol starts NOW — and ALL are welcome!


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