Brothers from other Mothers & Sisters from other Misters: Yoga Sol and YTTP.




I came across this today and got chills, teared up a little, and rose to my feet.  YES YES YES!  I love it!

Yoga To The People has studios in NY and several big cities in CA.  They fill their rooms with students of all sorts of folks and they like it like that.  They are a donation based studio with a suggested donation, but encourage everyone to give what they can.  They don’t get all caught up in titles and scripts and $99 yoga pants.  They don’t care where you came from, what your day (or night) job is, when you had your last drink, last date, last bank deposit, or last chance.  They just love yoga and people.

Sound like anyone you might know?

Yoga Sol has this exact same philosophy.  We continue to be donation based and encourage folks to give what they can.  Our doors are open to anyone and everyone who desire to bring a little yoga into their lives. We are irreverent.  We are creative.  We are alive and ever changing and evolving and growing and soaking up the energy that is put out by everyone who comes and lays down a mat.

The only difference?  We’re doing it in a town of 85,000 people.  Pretty awesome, eh?  While we are not at all affiliated with Yoga To The People, I feel our hearts are singing the same song.  ONE LOVE, ONE BREATH, ONE PEOPLE!

Jai Ho!



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