Shelley and Hobbes go to California (White Lotus part 4)


The night before I left for White Louts, I gave each of my kids a bracelet of mine to wear or hold on to.  They, in turn, each gave me a little something to take along with me.  My oldest son gave me a little plastic tiger named Hobbes for strength and courage, and my youngest son gave me a shell so that I might feel the calm presence of the sea with me (never mind that the shell came from a MO river.)

I wanted to find a way to incorporate Shelley and Hobbes into the White Lotus experience, so I decided to do a bit of a Flat Stanley project with them.

Shelley and Hobbes learn in-flight safety


Hanging out in the cabin

Studying at breakfast


visiting a Buddha

Absorbing some Elephant Power from Ganesha

Visiting another Buddha

Attending lecture

Taking a ride on Eka Pada Parsva Bakasana


And, most importantly, they got to visit with my teachers

Tracey Rich

Ganga White




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