We are Stardust (White Lotus part 2)



I don’t even know how to start.  I’ve been thinking about it and have realized that trying to explain and express my time at White Lotus Foundation is sort of like trying to describe the color blue to someone who has been blind from birth: You might get close, but nothing seems to do it justice.  You cannot describe it completely to someone unless they have experienced it themselves and, even then, there aren’t words, just energy.


First things first: We DID grow to love the walk.  Ganga and Sven were right – I even miss it.  Just a few of the things we saw every day on our journey up and down the mountain…


There were other incredible things to see while at The Lotus, too…



I have over 400 pictures.  They still aren’t enough.  I’ll be posting a few here and there in the following days as I continue to write about this amazing, life changing, inspiring experience.

I love The Lotus.  I love you all.


Om Shanti


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