Small world!! (White Lotus part 3)



I think I said that there were 30 students in this 200RYT session at White Lotus.  We came from all over the world.  It was incredible to study and live with people we’d never otherwise meet and see how truly connected we all are.

I have to say, however, one connection blew my freaking mind.

Within minutes of arriving at White Lotus, this chick walks like she owns the joint.  There was this energy about her that made you stop what you were doing and say, “Now, wait just a damn minute, what exactly is going on here?”  Powerful, beautiful, commanding, I’m saying.  Of course, this instantly drew Polly and me to her.

Turns out, she currently lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in St. Louis and went to MU AND spent nearly every weekend at the establishment my husband has managed for years.  He was managing it, in fact, during the time she was in school and hanging out there.


The three of us became very close.  And it broke our hearts to leave each other.

I love you, Kristen.  You’re my favorite tv star. 😉



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