Food, rain, yoga, friends, cabins, and life at The Lotus (day 2)


It’s 1:33 in the afternoon CA time and I’m sitting in the big room of the main building by a lovely fire burning in a massive fireplace.  We just finished our 3rd meal after a morning full of dialogue, note taking, and a crazy intense wonderful 2 hour music-less practice.  Okay, that’s not exactly right – there was music for our 10 minute Savasana.  We sweat and stretched and chanted and learned and loved and the sound of Ujjayi breath filled every square inch of the mirrorless practice room.  BLISS.

Polly and I are not staying in a yurt as we previously thought we would.  We are instead staying in a private 2 person cabin on the edge of the canyon.  It is a CRAZY long walk up a CRAZY steep hill and, admittedly, we’ve been complaining about it.  It’s cold and it’s raining here and it makes for a really long hike.  Ganga, however, changed our minds with a few words this morning about how walking is our yoga.  The hike is part of it.  Kind of feels like a blessing now.  Okay, not really, but I assume it will soon.

The people here are amazing.  There are 30 of us students from all over the world.  We have new friends from Sweden, Switzerland, China, Holland, Canada, and all over the US.  Everyone is lovely… and loved.

14 more days to go.


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  1. Awww, I wish I could. It’s a work trip. I’m in Santa Barbara for a 16 day yoga training. I leave on the 31 and have to be back to run the studio on Nov 1. I will have a free day this coming Sunday, however, if you want to make a road trip! 😀

    Love you, all. Kiss yourself, Velma, and Oliver for me!

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