T-6 days and counting – White Lotus, here I come!



One week from today, I will wake up in Santa Barbara at The White Lotus Foundation.  Unbelievable.  It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on my deck with Polly talking about possibly taking a trip.  In reality, it’s been more than 6 months since that happened.  Where did the time go?  Is it really almost here?

It is.

We leave Columbia early in the morning next Saturday.  It will be a long day for us: driving 2 hours, flying 4, time change, bus ride, taxi ride, check in, practice, dinner, study.  I’m intimidated by that day alone.  The next 15 days will be filled with Pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, history, asana, education, lectures and workshops, fires, swimming, hiking, eating, dreaming, loving, learning, growing, breaking down, building up, and transforming.  This is BIG, folks.

I have never left my family for this long before. It’s going to change us all in miraculous ways.  I wonder, will it be a joy or a shock to rediscover each other after we have all been changed by this experience?  Will I want my family to become vegan?  Will I get arrested for biting a random cow or pig I might see on the way to the airport?  Will my kids be grateful to see me again or will they ignore me with the spite of, well, of attitude riddled children who have been shuffled around for 2 weeks?  My husband – eh, that’ll be fine. 😉

If you haven’t had the time to visit White Lotus’s website, please do so.  See how beautiful unadulterated land is.  See where Polly and I are going.  See what we’re going to be soaking up and what we’ll be raining down on you.

White Lotus Foundation


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  1. What a wonderful experience you will have, and all of your students will benefit from it. Send lots of blogs so we can all live vicariously:)

    • Thank you, Karen. You should know that I still credit YOU with inspiring me to become a yoga teacher and the impetus to get out there and do it! I will do my very best to share the love. ❤

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