Eat, Pray, Spend.


Ohhhhh my.  I’m in a bit of a quandary.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Eat Pray Love has hit the theaters.  It’s everywhere.  Oddly, it didn’t beat out a bunch of old geezers on opening weekend, but still there is a huge buzz around it.  And, where there is buzz, there is merchandise.  LOADS of merchandise.

HSN has a whole event around EPL.  You can by a $350 mala, for pete’s sake!  They are selling clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, electronics, beauty products, the works.  Hell, I’m sure if you look hard enough, they’ll try to sell you enlightenment, too.


I have such a hard time participating in such blatant commercialism.  While the book is about more than yoga, of course, there is a HUGE portion of it that is devoted to a yogic lifestyle and life in an ashram.  She takes the lessons learned there throughout the rest of the book.  It feeds a huge portion of her self realization.

Can you please tell me what is so yogic about $36 lipgloss? How about a $277 purse? Or maybe a $50 plate of shrimp alfredo? I swear, those are all things in the EPL collection.  And I barely got started looking!

I don’t get it.  It hurts my head, it hurts my heart.

I do want to see the movie.  I do.  But I honestly cannot, in good concious, feed the money making machine that feeds off of the names Yoga, India, and LOVE.


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