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You cannot swing a loaf of bread these days without hitting someone trying to tell you why their way of working out / working in / working / avoiding work /whatever will get you the best results.   It’s all in the media, but it’s coming out of folks mouths, too! Just yesterday, 4 of my Facebook friends had status updates about “proven results” or “the best results” or “the results you want.”   I went to the grocery store and heard total strangers talking to each other saying things like, “That’s the diet supplement you need if you want to get results.” It’s everywhere, I’m saying.

My initial response was to roll my eyes.  Results results results results.  Revolt.

Why do I feel this way? Why do I react to that language with such disgust?  I didn’t used to.  I used to be all about the finish line, the goal, the results I wanted.  And I also used to be miserable, full of self loathing, judgement, competition, greed,  and dissatisfaction, unless, of course I reached “the results I wanted.”  Think there’s a connection there?

Being so focused on results sets you up for total misery.  If you DON’T reach the results you want, does that mean you are a failure?  A loser? Wrong?  If you DO reach the results you want, does that mean that you are superior?  A winner?  Worthy?  It’s all such bullshit.  It’s all about attachment and attachment leads to misery.  No wonder our world is filled with such pain!

What about the journey? What about acceptance?  What about universal light and worth just because you are on this planet?  What about what you learn about yourself on the way? What about contentment and acceptance and love?

Don’t get me wrong.  Goals are important.  Goals keep us moving forward.  Goals stretch our brains.  I love goals.  I guess, however, that over the years my goals have changed.  I used to have goals along the lines of being a certain size, losing a certain amount of weight, having pancake flat abs, etc.  When I look at them now, I realize how incredibly limiting, even harmful, those goals are.  These days I have goals of being completely present in the moment, detaching from the outcome, expanding fully through my heart and mind, living compassionately, accepting myself and others exactly as we are, honoring The Divine in all of us, moving with the breath, and love love love.  Some days are better than others, certainly, but there is no finish line here.  There is no end, no final destination, no moment of Pass / Fail.  It’s ALL pass, ALL win, ALL glory and grace and peace and laurel branches and gold medals and celebration.

When I am on my mat, I try new things.  I might try a new arm balance or handstand variation or maybe I’m working on something a little bit less flashy but more intense, such as learning to care for an injury by being gentle.  Never, however, during these new trials, do I give a flying fig about what it looks like.  I don’t care if I make it today or tomorrow or next year or the 5th of Never because I know it’s not about that.  It’s about dedication, commitment, contentment, acceptance, openness, the breath, the moment, trust, faith, inner strength, courage, serenity, and balance, balance, balance.

I encourage you to throw away your attachment to results.  Live NOW.  It doesn’t matter that no one will be standing behind the microphone saying, “The envelope please …..”  You won’t care because you will have already won.


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  1. I too find it a little sad when people only define results in a small and finite way. My hope is to always just feel a little more connected with my body. To feel freer, stronger and more solid in my body. I absolutely agree with you on many levels. There is no one path 🙂

    • Oh totally! “There is no wrong path.” INDEED.

      You know I love your new venture (did a little yesterday morning while watching the news, actually.) This post is mostly written in response to this idea of attachment to the end results. Just for ONE example: Tara Stiles is all about “Slim, Calm, Sexy” yoga. That the result of yoga is that you are slim and sexy. Interestingly enough, Calm gets smooshed in the middle there, almost as if it’s trying to hide between Slim and Sexy. Don’t get me wrong, Tara is a lovely yogini who knows her stuff. It’s just this whole idea of … well, now I’m just repeating myself.

      I get frustrated with folks who get mad at themselves for not losing 10lbs in a month, for not mastering Bakasana in their own timeline, for not being able to do Hanumanasana. It’s not the result, it’s the process, the journey.

      I liken it to buying Cracker Jack. You hope for the Secret Decoder Ring prize, but when you got to the bottom, you are greeted with a Lick ’em Stick ’em Tattoo. Not the result you were going for, but wasn’t the Cracker Jack a pretty damn awesome treat, anyway?

  2. Great post! I am very high on the pitta scale and find myself often striving for “perfection”. Thank you for the reminder that we need to be happy now, here, where we are as who we are.

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