Oh your goodness!


There seems to be so much bad news.  We are surrounded by stories of people doing the wrong things, hurting others, hurting the world.  We don’t see good news, good stories, proof of love and hope nearly often enough.  It becomes so easy to forget that, as a whole, human beings are good.  It’s so easy to forget the fundamental fact that we are born goodness and light – and that it still exists in all of us.  I got a HUGE reminder of this last night.

Last night was a very busy night in my town.  It was a typical Wednesday at the bars, but the gorgeous weather brought people out and about as did a FREE Live show of Grammy winners Los Lonely Boys.  There were people EVERYWHERE downtown.  It was electric!

Before walking down to the concert, my husband and I met a couple of friends at the local pub.  This pub is connected to, and a part of, a very large and popular dance club.  We were there early, before the dance club opened, and I had my iPhone with me.  I take my phone everywhere and I use it for everything.  I didn’t want to take anything to the concert with me, so we put my handbag into my vehicle and headed to the concert.  I assumed my iPhone was in my handbag.  I was wrong.

After the concert, we got ready to go home and I looked in my handbag for my phone to see if there were any missed calls.  The phone was gone.  It wasn’t there.  I knew I hadn’t taken it to the concert, so the only other place it could be was in the pub / nightclub that was now teeming with hundreds of people.  Mostly college aged.  Mostly highly intoxicated.  Trying to find a lost iPhone in that mess – if it was still there at all – would be impossible.  Still, we headed in.

My husband is one of the managers at this facility, so we headed up to the office as a home base.  Right before he started making the rounds to the 9 bartenders (HUGE place, I’m saying,) my husband’s phone rang -it was MY phone calling him!  He answered and a girls voice said, “I found this phone .”  THe music in the background was the same music pounding from the dancefloor.  The phone was in the club!  Hours after it left my sight, possibly hundreds of people having passed it, it was there in the same building and the person who found it was trying to return it.  My husband asked her to turn it into a bartender at any of the 4 bars, but the call ended before he could confirm that she had heard him over the music.  For the next 40 minutes, I tried to call the phone from the office and my husband made the rounds to the bartenders.  I was getting ready to give up. I was ready to go home and had resigned myself to spending money we don’t exactly have right now to replace the phone.  Again and again and again, my husband made the rounds.  Again and again and again I called.  Right as I was getting up to leave, the intercom buzzed:  SOMEONE HAD TURNED IN MY PHONE!  30 seconds later, I had it back in my hands.

In the hours that it was gone, only 2 things had happened:  The phone call to my husband and one text to my best friend saying, “I found this phone – who does it belong to?”  They could have sent emails.  They could have called the whole world.  They could have sent emails.  They could have stolen the whole damn thing.  But no one did.  Whoever found it tried and tried and tried to find me.  She did the right thing.  She did ALL the right things.

Goodness is in all of us.  I believe it.  I believe that the thread of human kindness runs through us all.  THAT is newsworthy.  THAT is what we need to be hearing and believing and spending brain power on.  I believe that with all my heart.  It’s easy, I have proof.  I’m happy to share that proof with you  – just call.


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