Coming soon to a park near you: Random Acts of Yoga


It’s been beautiful weather here this week.  We’ve gotten a break from the sweltering temperatures and the random pop up hurricanes (okay, we’re landlocked – not REALLY hurricanes, but I swear it’s similar,) and it’s been in the mid to upper 80s with beautiful blue skies.  PERFECT weather for a picnic in the park — and some Random Acts of Yoga or PDA (Public Displays of Asana.) Yesterday, I was lucky enough to do just that with my kids.

We have  a gorgeous park here in town and we like to go as often as possible.  It’s really more of a botanical garden. I love it.  Shelter Gardens made the perfect setting for some yoga play. With a small piece of yoga mat cut from an old, dog eaten mat in hand and a 10 year old son will to take pictures, we headed out.

GET OUT THERE!  Go do some yoga.  In public.  It will change your whole perspective on life. 😀


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