Unfold into Summer


Dearest Friends.

The temperature is going up, the SOL is shining brightly – Summer is upon us.  Along with summer comes t-ball games, soccer games, swim parties, BBQs, returning college kids and younger kids off of school.  A summer vacation can seem more like work than work does!  It’s essential that you take the time to care for yourselves.  Yoga is an ideal way to do that!

YOGA SOL is a donation based studio – give what you can when you can.  Coming three times a week will transform you body, mind, and soul – we promise!  Such a small investment for such huge rewards, who can resist?

We want to hear from you: how is the current schedule working out for you? What would make it work better?  What is *your* ideal class time?  How can we better serve you?

Stop on by Http://YogaSol.org and review our current schedule.  Drop us a line and let us know what you think.  We have classes to start the week, to heat up, to chill out, to work hard, and to bliss out.  Come visit us and find your inner sun!

Bright blessings for a beautiful, bountiful Summer.  See you on the mat!



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