Roving body map guided meditation


I occasionally use this at the end of class while my students are in Savasana, but before I release them to drift into their bliss.  I used it today in my Gentle Yoga class and you could feel the energy of the room release with each word.  Try it for yourself.  Give this script to your partner to read to you or record your own voice.  Feel free to do it at any pace – this is YOUR experience.


Get comfortable.  Begin Pranayama breathing.  With each inhale, draw attention to each body part, noticing any tension.  As you exhale, release and relax that body part and move on to the next.  Each experience brings you closer to a life of mindfulness and focus.

Follow the body map:

Forehead, throat.

Right shoulder, right elbow, right wrist, tip of right thumb, tip of right index finger, tip of right middle finger, tip of right ring finger, tip of right little finger, tip of right wrist, right elbow, right shoulder, throat.

Left shoulder, left elbow, left wrist, tip of left thumb, tip of left index finger, tip of leftt middle finger, tip of left ring finger, tip of left little finger, left wrist, left elbow, left shoulder

Throat, heart center, right chest, heart center, left chest, heart center, navel, lower abdomen

Right hip, right knee, right ankle, tip of right big toe, tip of right 2nd toe, tip of right middle toe, tip of right 4th toe, tip of right little toe, right ankle, right knee, right hip, lower abodmen

Left hip, left knee, left ankle, tip of left big toe, tip of left 2nd toe, tip of left middle toe, tip of left 4th toe, tip of left little toe, left ankle, left knee, left hip

Lower abdomen, navel, heart center, throat, forehead.



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