New favorite things!


And no, they are not raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  My husband is allergic to cats, so that would create some tension.  I like roses in my house and if there’s raindrops on them, I’ve got big ol’ issues.

I’m talking about lovely little goodies for the Yoga Minded that you can pick up here and there for little money.  Give a little, get a lot.  Please be sure to pass it on.  Buy one for you and buy one for a friend.  It’s good for your Karma.

In NO particular order:

My dear sister friend, Bea, gave me the most amazing birthday gifts.  I LOVE them and want you all to check them out and pass them on.  First of all, she got me a great, sassy, HUGE reusable bag from Envirosax. I love it!  It rolls up and I carry it in my purse (which, interestestingly enough, is much smaller than this awesome bag!)  Take yours everywhere.  Target stores will give you 5 cents off your purchase just by bringing in your own bag!  Do the right thing – bring your own bag.

Bea also gave me an incredible art print from Papaya Art.  It is whimsical, meaningful, and thoughtful.  Called Atomic Girl, this powerhouse reminds me to be ME.

I have tried and tried and tried to find a link to the stunning necklace I got from Polly, but I cannot find it.  It’s perfect and beautiful and I can wear it while teaching yoga.  Made with Fair Trade practices, it’s beautiful to the soul as well as to the eye. Remember, you are voting with your dollars – make it count and buy mindfully.

And how about some new music?  Would you like some new music?  Have I got treats for you!

How about ..

Barefoot Truth

Dharma Gypsys

Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band

And what about when Happy Hour rolls around?  Yes, we yogi(ni)s occasionally get off the mat and want to have a beverage.  It doesn’t happen often and not to excess, but we’re not above a good drink.  To that end, try this out:

Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka and Club Soda on the rocks with a twist.  It’s light, it’s refreshing, it’s served with water for goodness sakes.  Be responsible – no one likes a sloppy yogi.


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