Stacked in Heels: Adventures in Sirsa Tagging


Do you all know Cora Wen?  If you don’t you should.  Cora is pretty  much epic awesomeness rolled up in pajamas and a ponytail.  Having more than a decade on me, she calls herself a YogaCrone, but she seems anything but crone-ish.  Cora is the Sirsasana queen.  She travels the world and throws down in headstands in the wildest places while her beloved Jack snaps picture after breathtaking picture.  Cora calls it Sirsa Graffiti or Sirsa Tagging.  Cora’s love for yoga and her light heart are infectious in the most delicious playful kind of way.

At the beginning of the year, Cora challenged us all to participate in Sirsa Challenge 2010. (Please don’t skip over that link – click on it and check out the video and pics.. unreal!)  You know me, I love a great challenge.  Having recently conquered my fear of Sirsa 1, I was excited to join in on the challenge.  That is until it came time to actually put it into practice!

Yesterday I took my kids to the local art and archeology museum.  It’s a great place and I know that if Cora had been there, we’d only be seeing the soles of her feet as she flipped upside down by all the cool stuff.  I had planned to do my first sirsa tagging there but, admittedly, I chickened out.  What if I couldn’t do it? What if I got in trouble?  What if I … well, you get the idea.  Not to be swayed, however, I felt the need to move forward and do something toward the challenge, so I did a headstand in my front yard on a gardening break.

It’s clearly not as awesome as doing out in public, but there were plenty of folks driving by looking at me like I am insane.  It was a start and it was terrific!  I was totally amazed at what the fresh green earth felt like on the top of my head. Seriously, I don’t think I had felt that in at least 25 years.  The whole world was brighter, fresher, and pretty much just more awesome that it had been in a long time.  Still, however, it wasn’t technically Sirsa tagging and that bummed me out.

“Talking” with Cora this morning on Twitter, I can to realize that it was fear keeping me from flinging my feet over my head at the museum and that Yoga is all about overcoming our fears, right?  I asked myself what Yoga does for me and it gives me permission to love myself just as I am.  It gives me the ability to be okay with ME whether anyone else is okay with me or not.  Cora responded “#Yoga transforms, yoga heals….”  And that, my friends, is your Daily Word. 😀

So I got to thinking on that and loaded up both my boys to go run errands.  As we pulled out of the driveway, I told them that I would be doing headstands in public today as a challenge for myself, as a way to remember my bravery, my courage, and my sense of play and adventure.  The 7 yo was having NONE of that, but the 9yo was all over it like stink on a hippie!  It seems I had found my photographer!

We first went to the bank and I gathered up all my energy and strength and tried to do one on the sidewalk outside the front door.  I have never done a headstand on concrete with no mat before and I was nervous.  I got up, but rolled right out of it seconds later before a pic could be taken.  I was shakey and scared, but I did it … sorta.  Still it wasn’t enough for me, but I decided that maybe I should find somewhere less … bankish.  I was bound and determined to do it and do it TODAY.

So we headed off to Target. I had my mind set on the shoe department.  Low and behold, they were restocking the entire shoe area and there were employees in all but one of the aisles.  I would not resist, though, and found myself in the one unoccupied shoe aisle.  Interestingly, it was stocked with high heels, so I took my heels high!

My 9yo was giggling like crazy and my 7yo has mastered that, “Moooooooom, stop embarrassing me” look, so he was fine, but I was SOARING!  Endorphins and pride and … playfulness just filled me up!  I went on to shop feeling like I had a little secret.  I can now say that I have done a headstand in Target.  How many folks can say that?

After lunch, we headed to the library.  My brain was already spinning with ideas of locations.  I wanted to do it outside originally by these crazy huge sculptures, but the concrete there gave me bank flashbacks, so we headed inside and, after getting some books, I found my place deep in the stacks.  Again, 9yo was alive with the camera “Work it, look this way, make love to the iPhone…” and the 7yo was beginning to assume that this is what will happen every time we leave the house :rolls eyes:, and I was almost giggling with the thought of folks thinking the library is not a happening place when in reality, there’s a 30-someting woman upstairs with two small boys doing a headstand in non-fiction.  TRUE LIFE: Yoga is for everywhere.  I took a deep breath, stacked my elbows under me, my hips over my shoulders, and stood on my head, perfectly stacked in the stacks.

It’s euphoric.  It’s exciting.  It’s funny.  It’s challenging.  It’s slightly naughty.  It’s awesome and I’m so glad I did this today.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing it embarrassingly often (Sorry, Sage.)  I feel SO alive, present, and participating, I cannot imagine stopping. I think of places around town that are just screaming to have a headstand.  Who am I to deny them such pleasure?  Won’t you join me?

Who’s in?  Who’s going to accept Cora’s Challenge?  Let’s do it together, one upsidedown moment at a time.  I’ll meet you at the bank – I’m going to get that sucker yet!


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  1. Hi Sarah! I’ve been inspired by this ever since I saw Cora’s twitter post and then went to watch her videos/see her pics. Now, seeing you busting Sirsasana out in Target and the library – I’m pumped! 🙂 I’ve gotta do this!

    Also, your kids sound incredibly cool – I can just picture them making funny comments. Your story is alive and playing in my head.

    Much Love and thanks for the inspiration. I will send you a link when I do my first one!

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