So you say you want my stuff? Here’s where to get it.


I get a lot of questions about where I got this shirt or that shirt or my mat towel or a certain song or whatever.  There is a huge interest in yoga stuff!  If you have ever taken a class from me and wondered where I got so and so, here’s where…


People comment all the time on my “Yoga Is My Bailout” and “#yogadork” Tshirts.  They are quirky, comfortable, breathable, organic, and very cool.  I got them from YogaDork .  Tshirts are made from Bamboo – if you have never worn a bamboo tshirt, let me tell you that they are softer than a basket full of kittens.  No lie.  Hope on over and grab yourself some today!

Yoga Mats

I use several different mats, but the one I use most often (and the one I get most comments on) is from Lotus Pad Yoga Mats. Lotus Pad mats are double sided for different kinds of yoga.  They are soft, cushy, sticky, recyclable, and beautiful.  NO PVCs!  They come in children’s sizes, too.  You can also shop for props and jewelry and all kinds of yoga goodness!

Hot Yoga Towel

Things get sweaty and slippery (and stinky) in Hot Yoga.  A towel is a must.  An antimicrobial towel is a plus.  A beautiful towel is a double plus.  Get it all wrapped up into one with Kulae’s Hot Yoga Towel. It’s even eco-friendly!  Silicone and latex free, this towel is washable and lovely.  Don’t do hot yoga?  Get one anyway for extra cushiness, absorption, and it can be used as a blanket during Savasana.  Mmmhmmmm…

Eye Pillows

Sometimes it’s hard to close that third eye.  Our minds wander and we are easily distracted by the goings on in our outside world.  An eye pillow can help. Inner Space Yoga offers flax seed eye pillows (often with lavendar and / or mint) that can be heated or frozen for quieting the mind and allowing thoughts to go inside.  Available in kids sizes AND with optional adjustable straps (for side lying savasana) these eye pillows are BEAUTIFUL and a source of comfort.  Also available – bolsters, mat bags, and zafus!  The website is currently under construction, but you can purchase some of these amazing goodies in the Etsy shop!


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