Funkasana – a yoga playlist


It’s FRIDAY!!!  Are you all excited?  WHY NOT?  I’m super excited, not just because it’s Friday, but because I teach HAPPY HOUR YOGA tonight at Yoga Sol!  As you know, I think all good things in life deserve a soundtrack.  For the last week or so, I’ve been dying to do a 70s Funk playlist for yoga.  Happy Hour seems like the perfect time.

Just as a little aside: Almost everyone and their dogs know about Beastie Boys.  What most folks don’t know, however, is that they have an amazing Jazz / Funk fusion album out there called The In Sound From Way Out.  It’s 99.9% instrumental and is outstanding.  I use it often in my hot yoga classes and it fills the spaces between popular funk songs beautifully in this playlist.  Do yourself the favor and check it out – you’ll be glad you did.


1. Transitions – Beastie Boys

2. Family Affair – Sly & The Family Stone

3. Groove Holmes – Beastie Boys

4. Tell Me Something Good – Rufus

5. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate

6. Sabrosa – Beastie Boys

7. I Got The Feeling – James Brown

8. Shambala – Beastie Boys

9. Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied) – B.T. Express

10. Brick House – Commodores

11. In 3’s – Beastie Boys

12. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) – Sly & The Family Stone

13. I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers

14. Shining Star – Earth, Wind, & Fire

15. Lighten Up – Beastie Boys

16. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

17. Namaste – Beastie Boys

18. Ricky’s Theme – Beastie Boys



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  1. i really love the fact that you have sooo many Beastie Boys songs.. I wish that I lived closer so I could come tonight… I like to sing in Yoga though.. is that allowed?

  2. sarah: AMAZING playlist! i will be visiting your class AT LONG LAST on monday am… can’t barely wait! ps: ashdyogi – all YOGA SOL ites have been known to sing out LOUD… so fun.

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