Warning – rampant blogging will ensue in 3, 2, …


After years of being frustrated with my PCs (Elvis knows I went through a ton of them,) I finally followed my heart and converted to Mac.  Within 20 minutes of my new MacBook being delivered, I was despereately, hopelessly, embarrasingly in love with it.  You know, the “make out at stop lights an funerals” kind of desperately in love.  The ease!  The simplicity!  The … yeah, okay, I’ll stop there.


It means that I will be doing a lot more blogging.  I have  LOADS to blog about and, actually, the MacBook is a result of some serious YOGA stuff!  It is a direct result, in fact, of #28in28yoga!  This month of yoga has brought so much love and light to my life and … yeah, well, I’m going to write all about it very soon.  As soon as I figure out all the bells and whistles of my beloved new toy / bestfriend / celibate lover.

Write ON!


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