MC Yogi urges us to Give Love


Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed. So much is going on in my life and it’s all wonderful, but it’s all life changing.  Things that change lives are often difficult, challenging, and emotional.  Sometimes it seems so much more complicated than it really is, but I frequently am unable to see the simplicity.   Sometimes I have to have a little help from an outside influence.  ALWAYS The Universe provides.  Last night, my clarity came in the form of a song and a video.

I am a HUGE fan of MC Yogi.  I play his stuff in class all the time and I listen to it at home nearly daily.  Poet, yogi, hip hop artist, and father … the man has it all going on.  And he’s got it going on in his head and heart, where it really matters.  Yesterday, The Huffington Post published an entry by MC Yogi that includes the video for his new song “Give Love.” For some reason, WordPress is not letting me embed the blissful video, but I will respost the article from HP and then I strongly urge you to click the link to see the video.  Maybe even join to get your free download of the song today.

Give love.  Bhakti yoga, baby.

From The Huffington Post

I was asked to create this song and video for Yoga Friends was started by the same people who put together Yoga Aid events and the two organizations are beautifully linked. Yoga Friends is all about galvanizing the yoga community to do good in the world. They have hosted Yoga Aid events in seven countries, gathering yogis and teachers to practice yoga and raise money and awareness for some amazing charities.

Each yogi who shows up gets sponsored to do 108 sun salutations. To date they have raised almost $500,000. This is a natural progression in the yoga world. It starts by people getting together and doing yoga. They start to feel better, physically and emotionally. The community grows as more and more people connect and find that by practicing together and hanging out together they are supporting healthier lifestyle choices. Eventually there is this overflow, an abundance of good vibes and it is only natural that yogis start to look for ways they can share the Love.

So this song is about that. It’s about being generous with ourselves with our hearts, with our time and with our energy. It affirms the universal principle of attraction. What we give is what we get. One of my favorite teachers, Sharon Gannon, the co-founder of Jivamukti yoga, once told me you can create anything you want, you just have to be willing to provide it for someone else first. When we begin to understand this and act from this awareness, there is no limit to the goodness we can create in the world. So go on, Give Love Today.

Huge Hug,
MC Yogi



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